Learning takes place every day, in different ways and form. People that are far ahead of their peers ensure that they learn something new each day of their life no matter how little it seem. They fight ignorance and stagnancy by reading meaningful books, going for seminars, increasing their observation capacity, listening more and talking less, learning from meaningful friends and asking Questions. Note, in learning something new, don’t learn what would bring in negativity and bad thoughts into your live.


Successful people understand that they have to do the right things at the right time using the right techniques and following the right procedures. They understand that they need proper planning and this planning needs to be done as at when due. A successful man is just like a wise farmer, he knows when to plant his plans, he knows when to water his plans, he knows when weeds are growing and when to uproot those weeds and he eventually knows when to harvest his plans. He does not plant beans when he is supposed to plant rice. They simply understand time and season.


‘’I am not motivated to do it now’’ is one of the many excuses failures give to make themselves happy. They are always willing to work in conditions that are very favourable to them, without considering the fact that they can make any condition they find themselves favourable. Successful people are perfect in the act of motivating themselves. When they are to carry out plans or actions, they ensure that they do what they do that gives them the inspiration to work effectively daily. Some like drinking tea while working, some like hearing good music, and some like listening to inspirational talks while some like hearing the voice of loved ones. They all have different source of motivation, but they end up motivating themselves.


I was opportuned to read a book by Brian Tracy titled Goals. In the book, he made mention of Dr Howard Gardner who is the founder of the CONCEPT OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE. Dr Howard explained that there at least ten kinds of intelligence, and just two are measurable which are only recorded throughout school and university. These are Verbal and Mathematical Intelligence.

The rest are:

A. Visio – spatial intelligence: Art and Design.

B. Entrepreneurial intelligence: Business start-ups and Managerial skills.

C. Physical or kinaesthetic intelligence: Sport.

D. Musical intelligence: Singing, playing musical instruments and writing music.

E. Interpersonal intelligence: Getting along well with others.

F. Intrapersonal intelligence: Understanding yourself at a deep level.

G. Intuitive intelligence: Ability to sense the right thing to say or do.

H. Artistic intelligence: Creating works or arts.

I. Abstract intelligence: Physics, Science.

It has been discovered that everyone has at least one level of intelligence and if used maximally, could take the person to the next level.

Have you discovered your own intelligence? It might not necessarily be measured, but that does not mean you do not have the potentials within you to reach the level you so desire with this particular INTELLIGENCE you possess. It is now left to you to discover and believe in your own core intelligence.

Remember you have what it takes already to be successful, don’t disappoint yourself. With much love, I remain yours in success.

Written by : Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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