A lot of relationships would have avoided breakups and disappointments if there had been a deliberate art of friendship. Beyond the conventional way of building friendship, I have added basic truths that can bring about an effective friendship phase before zooming into a relationship.  

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  • It’s a great episode. I currently am in a friendship that I want to lead into a relationship and eventually marriage but something caught my attention in this podcast, the part where you mentioned that we shouldn’t state the obvious.
    The thing is I might have blown that part. What do you suggest I do? I really like this person but it seems she’s not even ready for a relationship and there’s a considerable age difference between us. She’s 18 and I’m 24.
    What do you suggest i do?

    • Thank you for the comment. The best thing is to discuss with her about it and ask yourself basic questions like:

      Are you both ready for the commitment?
      Are there other things you should both be concerned about first at this stage of your life?
      If she is not ready yet it’s understandable, you can both focus on building friendship for now.

      Think about it.

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