It can be tiring to wait and hope for a happy ever after union with someone you love but your hope can get crashing when a relationship doesn’t seem to come around the corner.
I can imagine that all you ever thought was easy became a nightmare suddenly.

You may be single because of the following reasons:

1. Tired of consistent heartbreaks.
2. Scared of loving again.
3. Scared of having a failed relationship.
4. Not been approached by an opposite sex.
5. Too busy to meet new people.
6. Not meeting your type of person.
7. Not ready for a relationship.
8. Waiting for the perfect partner.
9. Confused on who to pick.
10. Choosing to be a frantic feminist.

Errrm, I thought to ask you; “Why are you single?”

Depending on the reasons why you are single, you need to understand that you can still love again, attract the relationship of your dreams and be happy.

Most times, all these maybe happening because of some fears you have stored in your mind. These fears become beliefs and control your life. It becomes very deep and begins to control your action thereby becoming a habit.

The best way to help yourself is to pause and answer the question below.

“Why are you still single?”

Are you scared? I used to be scared.

I had my heart broken several times. I fell in love too deep to create a gap in my life. I also confessed to remain tough on love. I understand your decision but there are two ways to it; it’s either you want to remain single for life due to fear, beliefs, negative influence and perception or you want to bury your fear and work towards attracting a relationship.

To make this easy for you, write down why you have been single then question it.
Why did you choose that path?

I want to believe that you are ready and willing to try again or attract a relationship subconsciously. The 3 steps are right in the podcast below.

In the podcast, you will learn:

1. How to tackle the fear of loving.
2. 3 things you should start doing consistently.
3. The best way to remain approachable and lovable.


The podcast is right below this post.



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4. Why Relationships fail
5. Why you are still single.
6. Mental blocks.
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Listen to the podcast below to learn how to attract a relationship.

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