Apology is beyond saying “I’m sorry”. Different people have their different style of expressing or accepting apology and the best way to deal with it is by finding out the different apology languages and communicating about it.
For a successful relationship, you must both understand each other and help each grow and adjust to each other’s needs.

In this podcast, I shared about the 5 apology languages, how to find out your partner’s own and implementing it.

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  • Thank you very much Aunty Nike. I learnt a lot from this podcast. Talking about apology languages, It made me realise something about my partner. For me, I understand what her apology languages are, but she doesn’t know mine and probably hasn’t crossed her mind that she doesn’t know . She just makes an apology, I accept them quite alright but it could take me like 30mins to get over it because I didn’t feel something so I force myself out of the feeling so we could move on, and that’s probably because she didn’t use my apology language(s) but I know she was sincere with her apologies. But since I know her apology language(s), I use them and in less than 5mins we are over everything and like nothing ever happened. And sometimes she will ask me, how do I get her to come out of hurt feelings and sad moments and make her smile so easily, I answer her and say “that’s because I know and understand you”.

    My question is, what should I do to get her to know and understand my apology language(s)?

    Once again, thank you very much ma, I really appreciate what you are doing.

    • Thats great to know. Have you tried talking to her about it?

      Create a time when she is lively and explain it to her calmly then watch her response. She may not adjust on time but with patience and understanding, she will start to follow it. I hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much ma. Yes I’ve tried to speak with her about it, but like you said I’ll give her more time and be patient with her. Thank you ma

  • I find it difficult to apologise to my partner based on a slight issue that we had nd i sees that if i should do that have belittled myself….

    • Apologizing doesn’t belittle you. I used to think that way before, it rather makes you the stronger one. But when apologizing, try not to be pushy about it. That’s where the difference lies in.

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