January 15, 2017


After thinking through 2016, I realized that there were some mistakes I made, some right decisions I took and I also know there are adjustments to be made in 2017. I decided to write these 5 tips to help you become better as this years runs by. Take a look.

1. Be clear about what you want. Be curious. Ask questions. Talk to someone who has gone ahead. Get trained. Know what you want and keep at it. Don’t remain clueless for so long. The world won’t wait for you. It’s your turn to Evolve. Be all you were created to be.

2. Be focused on your goal. When you gain clarity, stay focused. Be careful of friends that can make you drift away. Be careful of negative people and attitudes. Don’t let it become an habit for you to feel overwhelmed and depressed in life. Take your life in God’s hand and become responsible. don’t wait for people to help you or pity you. Move your life with your wheels.

3. Give from what you have. Don’t be a dead Sea that isn’t giving but only taking. Give advise. Give encouragement. Give resources. Give your talents. Give your time. Give in your best capability.

Whoever gives surely receives. Give a small smile and you can get more than a smile but most importantly, give because you just want to give. The rewards may not be from same person or immediate.

4. Live your best life: Don’t sit in the house all the day waiting for a miracle to happen. Go out and meet new people. Take yourself out. Even if it’s shoprite and you buy just a drink and snacks. Feel the new ambiance. Don’t just go out because you have a meeting. Go out because you also deserved to be treated with value. Place value on yourself.

Idleness results to boredom which results to worry/anxiety/fear. Be joyful.

5. Invest in yourself. This is the best gift that can help your soul. Make your soul fruitful. You may eat all the best foods and drinks but that only profiteth the body and comes out in the toilet. Invest in your 3 parts of life. Spiritual, soulful then physical.

If you buy new clothes every month, challenge yourself to learn new things every month either via books, training, seminars, listening to messages, reading the bible, joining a book club, meeting new quality friends, going to a new place, going on a tour, just give yourself an experience, it’s priceless.

Never ignore your mental health. I would never forget the sentence I heard in my hear while I prayed last year. I knew the Holyspirit was directing me to my mental toughness. He said “If you want to conquer your world, you must first learn to control your mind”. I think that’s so powerful. That quote built my mental toughness and increased my awareness.

If fear, worry, anxiety, pride etc is affecting you, check your thoughts.

Check your thoughts on a second basis. Sit down daily to consider what you learnt, thought of and were introduced to via your mind. Refuse to remain the same.

Desires are powerful.

Whatever you desire can come forth. Whether you speak it or not, there is always a desire in your heart.

That’s why you need to be conscious of your thoughts. You can send forth energy positively or negatively. Your body is made up of energy.

Create a desire for what you want, don’t just want it. Life would bring forth all you need to make it possible.

Hope you learnt something.


About the Author NikeFolagbade

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