SETTLING IN BLISS: Private Pre-Marital Counseling

A lot of couples go into marriage ill-prepared, which down the road, negatively affects the roles they play in making their marriages work.

After the wedding, some couples usually realize that their attitudes, beliefs, characters, differences, and expectations tear them apart. You don’t have to be a part of the statistics of couples not getting it right.

Hence, I’m inviting you to prepare for bliss and pure love, filled with understanding. If your parents didn’t have a good marriage, it’s up to you to write a new story. If you never had a good model of marriage while growing up, you’ve to find new models and become better too.

If you never experienced true love while growing up, you need to awaken yourself to the need to heal from emotional trauma and work on experiencing love as God intended.

Head knowledge will not make a marriage work. Relying solely on your friend’s advice won’t help you either. You need to take total responsibility for the outcome of your marriage. Marriage works because two people are committed, ready, teachable, humble, and willing to make it work.

This premarital program will run through different sessions, based on the package you choose. In the sessions, we’re going to cover topics like Finance, Mindset, Communication, Spirituality, etc.

What’s more, we will also use an assessment tool that will track your upbringing, experiences, personality, expectations, sex, boundaries, expectations, beliefs, money beliefs, and so on.

I have experienced much of what you will go through in your first five years of marriage. Hold my hands and let me help you navigate it well.

Why Should You Enroll in a Premarital Session?

Two marriages are never alike, hence:

To identify and understand your different personalities.

To deal with the different family patterns from your parents that can sabotage your marriage

To properly manage your expectations, communication and belief systems.

To understand how to navigate the unexpected challenges that come up in marriage.

To clarify the mindset around marriages like roles, rules, boundaries, money, parenting, and vision, amongst others.

To parent morally upright and godly children who can continue a generation of sane living and God’s purpose

To deal with negative and spiritual influences that may be coming from your background.

How Will It Run?

You will have a welcome email with the necessary details and a session contract.

You will be guided on how to use SYMBIS Assessment if you choose the package for it.

The sessions will be held on the ZOOM video app; hence recordings will be available in the event you need to replay a live session.

You will also get access to additional resources, if necessary.

You will be given a certificate at the end of the sessions.

Don’t be left out of these transformational happenings!

I wanted the session because I needed a professional to help me out of this present situation I am heading out of now; I learnt a whole lot. Most especially that my happiness and life, in general, have more to it than holding onto someone


Coach Nike is an exceptional relationship counsellor, kind, gentle, a great listener and Solution oriented. Her key word is 'Be Intentional' which I felt was too easy a solution to relationship problems until I recently applied it to my happiness and got a great result on my first trial. Thanks to coach Nike my life radiates more joy and I see myself becoming more confident, and attractive also my relationship is smooth and peaceful. I’ll recommend coach Nike to everyone that desires to have a major shift and transformation in life, as she targets the origin of all problems.

Destiny Odah

Greetings Mrs Nike, I want to thank you for all your advice, care and help. You are such a nice person; your advice and care have helped me so much. I am more confident and comfortable in my relationship with my partner than ever. Thank you, ma, once more. God bless you and your family.


Choose Your Preferred Package


2 Couple sessions (2 hours each)


2 Couple sessions (2 hours each)
1 individual session each (60 mins each)


3 Couple sessions (2 hours each)
1 individual session each (60 mins each)

As a Certified SYMBIS facilitator, I use the SYMBIS assessment tool for managing coaching sessions.

Here’s a titbit of what the SYMBIS assessment tool entails. 

SYMBIS is an online tool with which engaged or newly married couples (or even couples who have been married for a while) can log on to individually take an assessment.  The assessment has many questions about personality, upbringing, attitudes toward money, sex, and much more.  A summary of your result will be sent to me and we can then cover the insights during our sessions. I always recommend this for a better outcome. Do note that during our sessions, you can gain valuable spiritual insight with my prophetic giftings, when necessary.

How does it work for the married?

To provide an overview of your current challenge and lead you towards understanding and resolution.



After payment, kindly send an email to with your full payment details and the package.

Nike Folagbade

I grew up with a strong sense of passion and interest in relationships, transformation and marriage-oriented work. I function as a multi-dimensional woman expressing one gift in many ways, such as ministry, marriage cum relationship coaching, career and business.

Beyond profit, I enjoy encouraging, nurturing and leading people to live lives that please God and show alignment to His plan for them per time.

In 2013, my burden to transform my world birthed an online platform where I teach people how to maximize their singleness, develop healthy relationships and overcome sexual addictions.