The overall goal of this mentoring program is to help you HEAL, EVOLVE, TRANSFORM, EMERGE, AND ASPIRE towards more.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Tired of running in cycles with no actual change in your life?
  • Feel guilty, unloved, inadequate and distant from God and your purpose.
  • Drained, weak, hurt and numb from emotional pain and childhood experiences.
  • Want to learn more about yourself and grow in the direction of God’s plan for your life?
  • Understand what is affecting your marital chances and deal with it now.
  • Develop yourself to a height where you are ready to change the world from your present location
  • Understand how to hear from God and make vital decisions in your life.
  • Overcome rejection and its impact on your growth and in building relationships.
  • Feeling hurt from mother/father wounds or childhood emotional neglect
  • Married to a narcissist who constantly makes you feel you are not good enough

The Reawakening Mentoring Program – Personal & Group Guide is for you, whether as a single or married.

Here is our focus and format:


Our Happy Students

Blessing Yahaya

In the course of the program, I learnt how to better manage, maintain and sustain relationships, regardless of what kind of relationship it is. I have learnt to be intentional about the things of God, as God is always seeking fellowship. I also learnt that without listening ears, it is difficult to hear from God. By an inch, I began to feel the heartbeat of my coach as well; I dared to be bolder than I was before the program to the extent that I began to redefine myself and what I wanted in life. I can categorically say I have become a better me. I hereby recommend this program to anyone who wants to have intimacy with God and enjoy a defined relationship and life as a whole. There is a genuine outpouring of help from the Holy Spirit. There is genuineness and you could relate to the true-life case studies. Every session spoke to me in powerful ways, and the videos are a must-keep. Oh wow, the book review & prayer session were always lit.

Destiny Odah

When I joined the reawakening mentoring program, I was in a broken state of my life. I needed clarity to understand a certain aspect of my life. During the program, my prayer life went to another level; I understood why I’m facing challenges, the purpose of my life experiences and so much more. The accountability I received from the program was a life changer; I was opportune to meet women of like burden for their assignments. It was a profound mentoring program and I believe anyone that desires to understand their purpose and the battles they’ll face should enrol for the mentorship program.

Semiloore Atewologun

The Reawakening Mentoring program was a life-changing experience for me. Nagging questions were clarified! The best expression of this program for me was captured in a poem by Eniola Falaiye: “Like wine in the cellar sitting for ages, we waited patiently for our time. Now, being poured out, we flow like we never waited. We are now a fountain of greatness; Drank only by royalty” I was empowered to rise and reign. For anyone that wants to have a purposeful and impactful life, I highly recommend this program to you. Thank you so much Coach Nike for giving so much of yourself to me.

Will you like to join us now?

Registration Fee


Weekly videos and book reviews
Prayer and support
Daily Confessions
Monthly webinars


If you prefer direct bank transfer, kindly transfer to GTBANK, NIKE FOLAGBADE INTERNATIONAL, 0478825692. 

You can send an email to or afterwards or just click the WhatsApp button on the page with your payment proof.

In this program, you will learn to:

Experience the love of the father beyond mind knowledge

Grow deeper in the things of God.

Embrace your true identity.

Hear from God.

Rebuild and restore every lost part of your life while growing up due to rejection and pain

Walk in the true power and inheritance that belongs to you.

Heal from past hurt and baggage.

Challenge and eliminate unhealthy belief systems that are sabotaging your growth.

Purify your heart, experience forgiveness and closure

Gain deeper insights into your process.

Identify the core areas of your life and how to build a 360 framework around them.

Develop routines and rituals that can catalyze you into a different person.

Discover your 6 building blocks to a healthy relationship.

Create support and accountability systems; and build effective relationships for your growth

Use the triangle of dating to guide your approach to love.

Identify red flags and beliefs you should avoid while dating.

Build intentional relationships that can position you.

Break the unhealthy cycle that is stopping you from settling down.


I joined the program because I wanted to develop a deeper relationship with God. I wanted to know God more intimately and deeply for myself and the power in His Word. I’ve learnt so much about myself, even things I wasn’t even aware of.  I’ve learnt how to recognize things in my life that I needed to be healed from.  I’ve gained insight from the recommended books, readings and videos provided in the program. I’ve also learned from other people’s experiences in the group and I am sure I will continue to learn more insights even after the program ends. This mentorship program has been truly eye-opening and good for spiritual development.  I would recommend the mentorship program to anyone seeking to draw nearer and closer to God. This is a great way to learn how to draw nearer to God that you can use for life.  I’m truly appreciative to Coach Nike for creating this program, as it has made me step out of my comfort zone wonderfully. I especially love how we’ve come together to cover each other in prayer.

Obi Nwomonoh

I came across Coach Nike via her Facebook page sometime in 2015 and I’ve not hesitated to subscribe to her groups, especially the paid ones. This mentoring group has helped me understand my process of ‘becoming.’ I’m better positioned to launch out on my journey of purpose, thanks to the several lessons — especially lessons on THE FORCES OF LIFE. Now I no longer feel sad; I can’t do some things as everyone has different types of intelligence. What a Eureka experience! Well done, Coach! 

Seyon Patience

I was at a crossroads; I needed direction. During my January prayers and fasting program, I prayed about the purpose and divine direction and I was led to contact coach Nike. We chatted for a while and she told me she has a mentorship program coming up in February. The program so far, so good, has been a prophetic one and an amazing journey it has been. I have been taught about accepting the Father’s love, overcoming pain and rejection, activating my deliverance process, deliverance from strongholds, and the marriage blueprint just to mention a few. I have no regrets about being a part of this journey, especially because coach Nike is patient and understanding. I would advise anyone who is at a standstill, seeking to discover and fulfil purpose, to be a part of this mentoring program journey. God is here and he’s waiting for you.

Titilope Oluwaseyi

How It Will Run

Every week, you will get access to videos on each topic based on the overall theme of the program via our online school portal.

Read and review books that can guide your process of transformation.

Get access to e-books for instructions and change catalysts.

Fill out an assessment that can track your process and help you build along.

Support group platform to keep you going and motivated.

Monthly prayer time to open your spirit for change and growth.

Meet the Host
Nike Folagbde

After struggling to believe that God loves me, I grew up with an orphan mindset, pleasing people and isolating myself from anyone who could hurt me. Experiencing rejection at different levels built a wall around me which made it difficult for me to give and receive love. It affected my spiritual life as I kept trying to please God or set my life right. My relationships were built on the need for validation and happiness which always ended up in a mess. I couldn’t live up to a higher version of myself because constant criticism and condemnation had led me into feeling like an imposter — not good enough and those related ugly feelings.

I tried seeking help, reading many books and attending psychological programs which helped but were able to deal with my soul. At some point, after helping people for 5 years, God took me back to work on my Spirit and gave me a deeper understanding of everything I had gone through. I saw the light and love of God and various dimensions that led to encounters of victory, restoration, Identity, deliverance and power. I’m still on my journey of healing and completion but I have evolved into a different person. Lots of people who I have shared my story with are currently living new lives. I’m inviting you to the second batch of the Reawakening mentoring program to experience these truths, light and complete restoration for your life.

I’m a Personal transformation coach and Family Therapist who is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Results coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management and Family Systems Engineering amongst others. I was recognized as one of the 100 most inspiring Nigerians in the Personal Development sector by Avance Media in 2019.

More Happy Reviews


Joining the Reawakening Mentoring Program was the best decision I ever made in this year 2020. It has made me know my identity in Christ, my authority as a believer, see God as a loving Father and also hear him for myself. Though I’m still a work in progress; I’m not where I use to be before now. The things that usually bother me no longer hold weight cos am healed emotionally. Thanks, Coach, for this program

Ruth Jonah 


The reawakening Mentoring Program has blessed my life in more ways than one. The program addressed key issues in my life from my spiritual life to the Father's love for me. The way I see myself paled to the way God sees me. It awakened my consciousness to how the enemy had robbed me of my true identity through my past mistakes, and my temperament. I am learning to silence my voice and that of the enemy while positioning my mind to hear from God. Recently, I met an old friend, my coursemate, who had her firstborn in secondary school. She was married, and after talking with her for about two hours, she asked why I wasn’t disturbed about my single-hood, that I was gisting as if all is perfect. And I confirmed to her that all is perfect and that marriage will happen in due course — I did a detox on my mind. I created space for God to speak with me. I now influence my siblings and a few of my friends I've had the opportunity to chat with. I got to understand that I'm a naturalist! That was the icing on the cake for me! I now have a better understanding of who I am and I am open to the amazing things God can do through me. The three months programme has been a period of painfully acknowledging my labour-laden state and now I'm consciously reshaping and remoulding into God's green olive with the help of the Holy Spirit.



This program covered everything about this total transformation God had told me about. So, I didn't flinch at all as the opportunity presented itself, I enrolled. To say the least, this experience has been mind-blowing and spirit-lifting. I have learnt things about God that I haven't learnt all my life as a Christian. I now enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I now walk blameless and guiltless before Him. I now understand the depth of His love for me; I love myself better now. My prayer life has been resuscitated. I love the fact that the modules are in video format and all the lessons are very detailed yet so simplified. I also love the fact that Coach Nike shares direct personal experiences that are so relatable. I also love the fact that several books were introduced to us during the programme which were reviewed every week. The book review is such a great way to learn because it is participatory. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a total transformation like I'm experiencing. If you want to grow spiritually, get to know God, build and exercise your faith and power as God's child, heal and recover from emotional trauma, discover your real identity, manifest God's plans for your life, learn how to position yourself for a great relationship and love life, then you shouldn't hesitate to join this program

Uyouyou Agarry 


Honestly, if I am asked to pay for this three-month mentoring program I know I won't be paying anything less than N150,000. I'm very serious about this. The encounter I had is worth more than that, so if I am asked to pay N150,000, I know it's worth it. When we started this program, I was like, let me just join because I was at a point in my life where I was asking God what was happening to me. Discouragement was my second name; I mean the second name. If you just call ‘discouragement’ I would turn and think you're calling my name. And when I joined this program, I was sceptical about the changes I hoped to experience. After the first and second lessons, I started to feel some things. After the first prayer session, I saw the light of God. When I say the light of God, I saw the light of God, the hand of God holding me firmly. The hand I thought was tired of holding me. I knew this man, Jesus, loved me — even when I thought he was tired of me. I knew He loved me and was ready to hold me till the end. After the prayer session that night, I was free from the spirit of unforgiveness. I felt whole once again, I felt wow! So, God could show me this kind of love? Please I am not trying to impress anybody, I am just trying to pour out my joy and happiness. I found my true identity in this program. Honestly, I found out who God says I am. I knew that yes! I am that man of valour in Judges 6:11. I knew the strength I had. I knew I was made to be great. God! I knew I was that Chayil woman of Proverbs 31:10. Honestly, the woman was special. I began to feel God's intimate love, growing in God. I started praying. I don't know how to say this but I know this man, Jesus.



This program has helped me find my identity in Christ and set goals for my life. As I've healed from rejection, I've felt the love of the Father all around me and have been able to better deal with my past hurts. It's liberating to be able to forgive everyone who has hurt me in the past, including myself. I pray more now and have seen many positive changes in my life. God has even answered many of my prayers through this program. I feel closer to the Holy Spirit and we have a sweet relationship. I am so grateful that I took part in this program. God bless you, Coach Nike Folagbade. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. This program is a powerful tool for those who want to reach their potential. With the seminars, prayer sessions, and group reviews, you will be able to explore new ideas that will help you be more self-assured and successful in all aspects of your life - spiritual, mental, and emotional. By joining this program, you will be healed from past hurts and abuse and experience the unconditional love of the Father.

Agnes Adams