We had a debate in the house among my friends sometimes ago about “What men does that women hate and what women does that men hate”. Then I realised that men misunderstand women, vice versa.

The following points were ensued, I would draft out their points and how I addressed them on it since I was the moderator as a relationship coach *hehehehhehehe*. Read on………..and get ready to understand why you keep vexing for women and why women just can’t seem to understand men and their logical ways.

1. Ladies tend to reason fast beyond a guy’s meaning to his words and end up concluding on wrong terms.

For the ladies, they had this to say; “Men don’t care about our feelings when they talk. They just say what’s on their mind and ignore the effects it has on us”.

Gbam!!!! Enough truth in that. Don’t argue yet, just read on and learn.

We all know that Men are Logical and Women are emotional. This is a common saying with no understanding by those who say it! Relax! Enough of your grumbles!

Men reason differently from women, the earlier you understand this, the better our communication would be.

When you don’t give a woman the kind of response she wants, she tends to find words and meanings and bring them to a conclusion.

When a woman asks a question, she expects a response that suit her emotional present need but a man see the question as a JAMB question and just answer it straight without using the WAEC method. Now you are confused. JAMB does the straight answer alone (A, B or C) but WAEC allows for explanation in the theory part. Let’s continue!

Women have emotional needs, let’s refer it to our relationships. When a woman says “I missed you” and a man replies ” Missed you too”, she may see that as a shallow normal response but isn’t that the normal response?. She would probably have preferred “Oh really? Dear, I really missed you too *Kiss Kiss*”, and that settles it but most men don’t see the need for further illustrations. Like we all know, women likes to talk and talking is their hobby, big talk or small talk, get ready to deal with it in marriage except you want to be a reverend brother, *Laughing in spanish*. If you are married, just bear with it and get creative with her talk, give her supportive arms *tongues out*. That’s the code!!!

How you say it means a lot!

You need to treat a woman with love, respect and understanding. In that way, it’s easier to tame them and get their submissive acts. You are not a man by your ever shouting tone but by how much you can make your woman proud and happy. It takes time and effort though. It is not just responding but showing your attention in your words, gestures and tonality. She reads everything about your response in full details.

This isn’t just about the men learning, so?

Women, learn to read between the lines, he is probably stressed out. Learn to be the understanding partner that doesn’t nag at every slight offensive word. I know men are learning here but women, please do too. Find ways of improving yourself and reduce your talking skills but mehn, they won’t hear so please men try to be a little emotional in your response with women. If she accuses you, don’t try to pretend like you don’t care, just react in a positive way. For instance, when she says “Why didn’t you pick your calls, does it mean you didn’t miss me enough to return the calls?” Don’t tell her “Oh I was busy, didn’t have the time to, at least am here now”. She would feel unimportant. Don’t also tell her “Maybe”, that can kill her more, uhhhhhhh! Women and Emotions!!! Just understand them biko (please).

I can go on and on talking about how to respond to a woman’s questions but I guess this one post is taking up all the space already. So let’s just talk on this point alone and keep creating other post for other points.

I guess men are from a different village from women. Let’s ignore the planet aspect. Women talk a loooooootttttttttttt, do I? Well, I do when am in the mood and I sometimes tell myself to keep quiet but when am not in the mood eh, you would have to force me to talk o.

Men are just always thinking it all, they never want to say it all.

Let’s conclude this way: Men think more and talk less, while women talk more and think less. Deep thinking results to logical conclusions while women just prefer to act based on emotions but for women who do the “deep thinking”, thumbs up!!!!

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Watch out for “Why do women Love so much Attention?” That would be the second part.

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  • Wow! What an interesting topic. Thanks so much Nike for this inspiring article. I love how you explain both side (men and women). I believe men have different communication style and vice versa. I also believe men and women need to understand each other’s communication style so that there can be an effective connection between them. Thanks once again

  • Wow! This is awesome. Thank you so much for this message. I love the way you explain both sides (men and women). I believe men have their unique communication style and vice versa. I also believe if men and women can understand each other’s style, there will be a strong connection between them and they will enjoy their relationship to the fullest. Once again thanks so much

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