August 22, 2015

Do you know that your love language can positively and negatively affect you?

Hehehhe. Okay relax, I would tell you how.

It is very necessary for you to know your love language not just as a tool for increasing understanding in your relationships but also as a way of setting boundaries in your relationships with people.

For someone who has Words of Affirmation as a dominant Love language, you should communicate this to your partner but here is the risk;

You may find yourself constantly seeking validation from people that you entrust your happiness in their arms. You must seek your beauty and happiness from within, so that it doesn’t affect you.

If you are not in a relationship, you may be seeking it in the wrong places. You may even fall for the wrong hands because of sweet words. Don’t let sweet words close your bank account or penetrate into your thighs.

Sometimes, your partner may not always be able to say sweet words of compliments, it shouldn’t get you down. Understanding is necessary. If your partner jokingly says something you don’t like, you must be careful not to take it to heart. Keep updating your partner on how it makes you feel but don’t let sweet or negative words determine your happiness. Seek it within!

So what if your love language is Physical touch, acts of services, quality time, and receiving gifts?

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