Happy male working on laptop
Happy male working on laptop

Of recent, I have noticed that a lot of girls have been complaining of guys not chasing them down anymore, they feel it all happens online now, hence they have moved over there too.

It is even worse now that ladies can now make up, look fake, impress and do all sort to get the guy’s attention.

What bothers me is the fact that most guys have moved their focus from chasing ladies live to meeting them online as this can give them the opportunity to talk to dozens of ladies at the same time.

All they need to do is to check different profiles that suits them and say”HELLO” to anyone available.

It is even funny that people build relationships online for too long before getting to meet. Am not against online dating but is it happening in the safest way?

Am i just thinking or am I right?

What do you think? Do you think that guys still chase physically more than thy do online and what may be the cause?

Let’s talk about it.

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