Today, we will be focusing on two different videos. You will find an introduction, first guest and the second guest below. Kindly drop any questions or feedback in the comment box below. You can still invite your friends to the session also. I have also written out some confessions below the 3 videos that you can declare over your life daily. Enjoy


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Nike Folagbade is  a Personal Transformation Coach and Family Therapist who helps people experience emotional healing and build wholesome relationships/marriage. She was recognised as one of the 100 most inspiring Nigerians in Personal Development by Avance Media. She is certified in Nero Linguistic Programming, Results coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management and Family Systems Engineering amongst others.

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Grace Solomon is a sought-after Speaker who uses her personal and professional experiences to help people heal from trauma, abuse and emotional pain. Grace is a Chartered Accountant, certified Marriage Mentor and Family Therapist. She has been featured on several national Television and Radio programs. Grace was awarded Mentor of The Year 2019 by Ladies of Honor

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Identity and Healing Affirmations and Confessions

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He has anointed me to be healed from my brokenness and pain.

The Lord comforts my heart as I lay it all at his feet.

I receive the oil of gladness and joy to replace every grief that I feel.

I receive the garment of praise for every heaviness and I become the tree of righteousness.

Every of my old ruins is built and my cities are repaired.

I have the light of Jesus in my life and darkness gives way.

I’m healed from ———-(mention the issues)

I receive grace to activate the healing from inside out.

The Lord’s hands is upon me.

I’m attractive, beautiful and ignited for greater purposes.

I’m loved, cherished and quickened to his righteousness.

I spend time with God. I know who I am. I’m His beloved and preferred one.

I’m a child of grace and honour, I enjoy the splendor of his majesty in my life and I’m anointed for more.

I’m elevated into higher purposes of my life and the peace of God floods my heart.

I arise in light and victory and my tribe connects with me.

I’m no longer isolated or forsaken. I’m called Beulah and Hephzibah.

By His stripes I’m healed, whole and set free. Amen

27 thoughts on “HLL SUMMIT VIDEOS DAY 1”

  1. God bless you Coach Nike,thank you for defining my identity through God’s eye and taking me through another healing process for my father wound. I’m so grateful.

  2. wow i have been blessed, a timely teaching and catalyst on my journey to self discovery. Another piece of the puzzle solved.

    1. Great question. You can do personal closure by journaling down your experiences and speaking forth how you feel as if you are in front of the person and release it, ask God to help you heal, change the narrative around what the person did. Understand that the person did it from a place of small understanding also.

  3. Thanks ma for the teachings, very enlightening. So encouraging to know that I’m not defined by my experiences in life

  4. Ma, thank you very much for helping me rediscover myself in Christ. God bless you richly for doing this.

  5. Hi Coach, Just finished watching this video, so full of wisdom & knowledge
    Am glad to know am a Chayil & can never be limited by people perceptions about me
    Txs for all you do.🙏

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