Relationships, Marriages, Spirituality, Emotional & Wholeness

Learn how to Build a Kingdom Relationship and Marriage that Works

Building a healthy kingdom relationship and marriage requires skills and wisdom, but when you partner with God, it becomes easier to rise above the difficult challenges that often beset such relationships. 

Take a journey of destiny with me and I will help you uncover how to rebuild your life, heal emotionally and build a family that thrives together.

Relationships, Marriages, Spirituality & Emotional Wholeness

Learn how to Build a Kingdom Relationship and Marriage that Works

Building a healthy kingdom relationship and marriage requires skills and wisdom, but when you partner with God, it becomes easier to rise above the difficult challenges that often beset such relationships. 

Take a journey of destiny with me and I will help you uncover how to rebuild your life, heal emotionally and build a family that thrives together.

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A kingdom marriage is a union between two persons who are deliberately building their marriage according to God's standards, principles, and vision. When God is enthroned in a union, the couples are assured of producing godly offspring and a dimension of God in their home, through alignment. It is possible for one or both of the spouses in a marriage to host God's presence, because it takes You and The Holy Spirit to make a marriage thrive — Nike Folagbade”

Imagine a union with fewer problems, healthier communication, and blissful intimacy

You may have been pushing hard — trying to hold your relationship or marriage together. You want to do right by yourself and God but it’s a struggle to make the right choices. Why not let me show you how to build a thriving kingdom marriage by hosting the presence of God in your home?

There’s a life-changing power in learning what it means to host God’s presence. It takes a partnership with the Holy Spirit to repair your foundations, rebuild your generation, and restore your marriage.

A sweeter pathway to enjoying a thriving relationship with your partner is when you enthrone God as your Counsellor and Comforter, while on the other hand, investing in the right skills and knowledge. 

As singles, to effectively navigate through a relationship that can lead to a healthy marriage, you will need to prepare adequately and be intentional about your efforts and wholeness.

For the married, building a thriving marriage is beyond head knowledge, don’t just wing it, you must be willing to get all the help you need. If you are cleaving to become ONE with your partner after years of conditioning, modelling, and influence from various areas, it is normal for both of you to have different views and personalities — but how you navigate it matters more.

A lot of things can disrupt your plan for a successful relationship like repeated generational patterns, wrong mindset, ignorance, unhealthy traditions, bad influence, childhood trauma, strongholds, and spiritual attacks from the enemy. 

Against all odds, you must understand that you need guidance to solve certain issues in your marriage. You need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit at times. You were not created to forge a path through your confusion all by yourself. 

You need revelation, discernment, and wisdom to engage in your marriage. By choosing to take this ride with me, I will teach you the knowledge you need and show you how to receive the help you need supernaturally — especially when foundational issues surface.

I have experienced difficulty while struggling alone; I’ve learnt how to walk with God for healing, victory, wisdom, and breakthrough every single day in my marriage. The system I present to you is not the regular way some Christians approach their marriages but a flourishing walk with God that produces results. 

This does not mean perfection but alignment. I can teach you how to rebuild intimacy in your home no matter how difficult things are currently. I have been equipped with divine wisdom and revelation to show you the root cause of your challenges and proffer a divine solution.

My Expressions

Marriage Counselling

With a divine mandate to help couples deal with difficult marriages, I can show you the wisdom and revelation you need to navigate through any difficult season in your marriage. From professional skills to prophetic insights and a nurturing personality to guide you through, you are sure of a seamless ride — while engaging my knowledge and resources. I work with individuals and couples.

Relationship Coaching

The waiting period for single adults in preparation for marriage is usually characterized by anxiety and desperation. It turns out to be a long and unpredictable journey for many. As such, you need to be appropriately guided on how to successfully navigate the pressure that comes with this crucial stage. Your marital choice is important to settling in bliss. I work with singles to help them experience emotional healing, purpose discovery, relationship guidance, and premarital counseling. I also have programs via Love and Life Hub Platform. 

Minister & Discipler

I also run a ministry where God releases His power for healing, victory, divine wisdom, deliverance, and restoration through the Word of God. I teach God’s counsel and principles in the family space and bring people back to Christ. I do this via LIFA. I also work with women through my signature faith-based program via WARRIOR BRIDES NETWORK, to help them elevate their identities, heal emotionally and transform their marriages.

Author, Speaker

I have written over 8 books (free and paid) that you can use to transform your spirituality, relationships, and marriage. Check out some of my books in the store. I also speak at churches, conferences, seminars, workshops, virtual events and so much more. You can book me for your event here.

Consultant to Coaches & Counselors

I guide coaches and counsellors into launching their brands, building influence, and making profits through monetizing their knowledge. I do these via my business brand. Check out HEVAR GLOBAL here.

Human Resources Manager

I also partner with my husband in his organization, WORITAL. Our goal is to build the next Amazon of Africa. We are changing the narrative of publishing through diligence, excellence, and creativity. Check out more about WORITAL here



I have seen Nike work successfully with singles and assist many in either breaking free from addictions or successfully getting them ready for marriage. If there is anyone who understands how to successfully assist singles, then Nike is the go-to person and whatever comes out of her stable has my absolute endorsement. At a time when the most critical need is choosing right, this comes at the right time and I throw my weight behind it

Praise Fowowe 

 / Family Life Practitioner


Nike is a brilliant and caring coach. She has a perfect mastery of her teachings. I have had so many unforgettable moments with her through her resources. Consequently, I have enjoyed a sweeter relationship with my partner! I wish there were more than 5 stars for her.

Babatunde Akinola


I'd describe Coach Nike as a midwife and a repairer of breaches. Since I came in contact with her, it's been a period of unlearning, relearning, and birthing new dreams. I love how she's able to relate with both the single and married. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to build a kingdom marriage.



Coach Nike is an exceptional relationship counsellor; she is kind, gentle, a great listener, and solution-oriented. Her key word is “Be Intentional” which I felt was too easy a solution to relationship problems until I recently applied it to my happiness and got great results on my first trial. Thanks to Coach Nike, my life radiates more joy and I see myself becoming more confident and attractive; also, my relationship is smooth and peaceful. I’ll recommend Coach Nike to everyone that desires to have a major shift and transformation in life as she targets the origin of all problems.

Destiny Odah

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Nike Folagbade

Nike Folagbade is a Family Life Coach and Counsellor. She teaches and empowers singles and married with godly and practical strategies, by showing them how to build a blossoming kingdom relationship and marriage via NIKE FOLAGBADE INTERNATIONAL.

She's a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Results Coach, an Associate of Family Systems Engineering, a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger management coach. Equally, she's a SYMBIS facilitator, who helps engaged and married couples prepare for the ‘before and after' of their marriages.

Nike has written over seven books including 'Get the Ring', 'Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages' and ‘THRIVE’ (prayer confessions and devotionals, for manifesting a transformed marriage).