It has become common to hear people say that when they have found the right partner, they would have a great relationship. What i’m yet to find out is if there is a company that produces perfect partners. Nobody is perfect but you could always meet people that are close to your ideal man or woman. People believe love is related to their feelings so every attraction towards a cute guy or lady equates them as the right partner. Read more on What love really is here

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When searching for a partner, there are always some set of qualities people lay down in their minds and these qualities determine the kind of person they are attracted to.

If a lady wants a tall, dark, charming, naira-loaded, Spirit filled kind of man, then her search would be in that range. Some men also seek for beauty over everything, not mindng the fact that there are more things to consider in a future partner.

A lot of relationships and marriages have crumbled because of their ideal kind of partner. The physical appearance is necessary too but it should not be a major criteria.

I heard of a marriage that recently collapsed because the husband realized the lady had been using artificial hips and breast and he never found out since they agreed on the right platform which is “Keeping the bed undefiled”. A lot of people settle down for selfish reasons and if you are not careful on how you pick, you may end up making a huge and messy mistake.

Finding a right partner starts from you before considering a partner. Would you date your kind if you met your personality in another person? Or would you whole heartedly and genuinely advice someone you love to date your personality in another person? How much do you know YOU? Do you know your love language? How well do you relate with yourself and people?

A lot of people are not making effort to become the right partner but they keep searching for a perfect idol. What if you meet a man or woman with all the great attributes, would you have what it takes to keep them?

Finding the right partner starts from becoming a better partner. If everyone could decide to develop themselves, don’t you think we would have people with quality minds? Still yet, a lot of people go in search of a wonder fantasy lover that can blow their feet away like they even deserve it.

Likes attract likes and you attract who you are. The kind of partner you want must be evident in your personality. Sugar attracts ants, rain attracts flies, who do you attract? Look into your circle and observe who you attract, it would tell a lot about you.

Starting with you, how often do you develop yourself? When last did you build up and enrich your mind? A lot of youths find it difficult to read, hence, miss out on some basic and vital knowledge. For the few that read, some don’t apply.

One of the major criteria for being or finding a partner is based on character. Beauty is vain, it is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout. Your beauty cannot land you into a successful marriage, you would need more than that to keep it.

What kind of gathering are you usually found in? Do you appear approachable to people? Do you have a vision? How do you treat God? Do you respect people and your family? These are few of the things to search for in yourself.

If we can all develop ourselves, we would make good partners in relationships. If your values are right and healthy, you would attract people with good value system. If your vision is to impact lives and develop people for greater future, you won’t settle for a MISFIT going somehwere to UNLEASH a NUISANCE but rather find someone who can play a VITAL ROLE in your life and vice versa.

Don’t depend on beauty, fame, riches to magnet the right person, you would need a quality mindset. Finding the right partner also centers on deciding to settle down with someone who you can see yourself growing old with and loving for many years to come. For that kind of result, you need more than your brain but God’s help.

Learn to love yourself completely by delving into the revelation of God’s love for you. A lot of people don’t know their worth and are ready to settle for less out of frustration.

Mind the company of friends you keep. Birds of the same flock together and your friends can have positive or negative influence on you, your relationship and your future.

Since marriage is a life time decision, it is better to define your relationship and go for a relationship with purpose. Don’t search for a partner when you don’t have a clear vision yet? Your vision determines the kind of person you would feature in your future. Do you also have a mentor that can guide you in the approach of life? All these are vital needs before you rush into Romance.

Spend time with your creator too so He can lead you aright. Feed on God’s word.

Let go of unforgiveness and bitterness so that you can get the best out of life and attract an emotionally balanced person.

When searching, focus more on character, good reputation, loyalty, purpose, spirituality with good fruits and other life changing values.

When you do your part, God would do his part too. Look unto God the author and the finisher of your faith. He would guide you as long as you play your role. God loves you.

Become a better version of YOU.

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