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AUGUST 14-16, 2021



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What People Said About Our Last Program


Thank you for the wonderful insights, loved watching all the videos and it has forced me to do this long overdue exercise of finding out my identity. I always believed attending marriage seminars or discussions appeared desperate but going through all the exercise and videos made me realise it’s a road to self discovery, thanks for this opportunity.

Mr Adams

There is no way your life will not be turned around being with madam NIKE FOLAGBADE, since I’ve met her, every where I know she goes, I go. Even though I’m married, I know I will still learn new things from this platform which I am already and to impact my society greatly in new dimensions. I know God is with you and HE will always be. I can’t thank you enough.


Wow! I really want to say a big thank you to you Mrs Nike for this awesome class. The 5 days class is full of great insights. Watching the videos and doing the assessments has really helped me to evaluate myself and I have discovered a lot of things that I can really do better and improve on which I will take action on immediately so that I can get results. I really love the fact that the videos were concise as that made it very easy to watch and it doesn't take much time and the worksheets too are straightforward making it easy to work with.

What sets this event apart?

Marriage is a lifelong institution that requires more than head knowledge and emotions. You need to be adequately prepared and intentional about who you date and choose to settle down with. Who you marry can make or mar your life. You may feel safe with your partner while dating but in marriage, they can also become your worst nightmare. In this program, we are doing a balanced series of masterclass, prayer, movie, and confessions guides to help you navigate the journey to marriage intentionally.

You get to learn about identifying the right partner, choosing right, praying ahead into your marriage, and breaking marital delays. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other singles during the movie and date night.

Highlights of the 3 day event

Day 1: Masterclass 

On day 1, you will have the opportunity to learn about "How to identify and discern the right partner for you". This will hold on Friday, 13th August, 2021.

Day 2: Prayer session

It is important that you pray about your relationship and your marriage. The prayers will be focused on breaking marital delays, choosing right, breaking generational patterns and building capacity.

Day 3: Movie + Date night

You will also have the opportunity to connect with other singles and watch a great movie that teaches you about relationship.

Bonus: Prayer confession guide

You will receive a worksheet for the Masterclass and also a prayer confessions guide that you can keep using to pray during and after the program to activate a supernatural marital breakthrough.



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All the events will hold on zoom, please endeavour to download the app and join us live each day.

Meet our hosts

Nike Folagbade

Founder, Love and Life Hub

about the host

Nike Folagbade is a Marriage Minister, who has been sent to the family sphere to cause a revolution and revival of God’s presence in homes today. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Results Coach, an Associate of Family Systems Engineering, a certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger management coach. In addition to these designations, she is a SYMBIS facilitator in helping singles and married prepare, before and after they get married. Nike also mentors single men and women in getting it right in their relationships and prepares them adequately for marriage. She is the founder of Love and Life Hub platform which equips singles with the right knowledge on love, dating and purpose.

Allison Hyacintho

Relationship Coach

about the host

Uncle Allison Hyacintho is the vision bearer of Allison Hyacintho Ministries, a faith based community where he openly shares secrets of a successful, Godly relationship and marriage by utilizing the power in God's word to bring people clarity and purpose on their marital journey. He is married to the delectable Aunty Hilda Allison-Hyacintho, aka Aunty Choco.

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