Marriage Virtual Event: The Marriage That Works: Hosting God's Presence In Your Home

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All events will hold on YouTube daily by 7 pm except Wednesday which will hold by 8pm.

May 10, 2021 by 7pm

Co-parenting with God to transform families and nations

Join I and Oluseye Ashiru as we look into how we can partner with God to nurture our children according to God’s purposes and plan in this era without losing them to the decadence of the society.

May 11, 2021 by 7pm

Building a successful godly home in this 21st century

Join I and Ocholi Okutepa as we talk about the strategies that sustains a home in this era.

May 12, 2021 by 7pm

Overcoming spiritual warfare in your marriage

Learn how to discern and defeat the subtle plans of the enemy in marriages today.

May 13 2021, by 7 pm

Restoring intimacy in a cold marriage

If your marriage is experiencing coldness at this stage due to past challenges you have had, learn how to bounce back into intimacy using divine strategies. 

May 14, 2021 by 8 pm


Learn how to experience God’s healing as you both abide in His presence or get connected to God’s transforming power through intimacy.

May 15 2021, by 7 pm

Restoring the order of priesthood in marriages

Learn how to possess the gate of your marriage by consistently guarding your home from the invasion of the enemy.


This book is definitely a gift to this generation. It is an expos√© on marriage God’s way. Going through the book helped me understand the reason behind certain happenings we hear of. I love that the book not only exposes the works of darkness that militate against God’s agenda for marriage, it gives us understanding and empowers us with the mindset, wisdom & strategies needed for victory.

With this book, you’re sure of your marriage fulfilling God’s agenda for it!

Deborah Oyebisi
Convener, Blissful Intimacy Course & Author, Blissful Intimacy Honeymoon Checklist


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