December 8, 2015


Hmmmmmmm, this is one question I kept asking myself the first time I heard the saying that “Likes attract likes”. In my mind, I began to question myself that , does it mean all the people that have liked me have always had my kind of lifestyles and attitudes? What about the ones I didn’t really like?

And then I found out.

While strolling with my friends under the hot sun for registration during my NYSC days, I became very thirsty and I decided to buy a drink from a shop close by. I asked for the price of a fayrouz drink and the woman said it was #120. Oh my God! That’s the cheapest I have ever heard for the price of Fayrouz, I have always bought it for #150. If yours have been cheaper, then my environment must be an influence. At that point I ignored the other substitutes and went for it. I never knew that cheap is deceptive.

So I jollied away with my drink telling my friends how cheap it was, on opening the drink, I realised it was very bad. It had particles and tasted soar. Taaarrrrh! What kind of drink is this? Chei, I should have known that the price wasn’t right. I really felt cheated and my friends laughed at me but just imagine, some people go to malls looking for the cheapest and affordables, only to end up with a stitch in the part of their goods, some may be lucky though while few go for the best and luxury no matter the price.

That definitely means that I would always be attracted to cheap things unconsciously, that lesson was enough for me to wisen up.

So ask yourself, what are you searching for? Do you know that what you are searching for is seeking for you too?

I have wished for some things that happened unexpectedly. It must have smelt my coming I guess.

Back to relationships, whoever you are dating now is a reflection of who you are, don’t be quick to argue. I experienced that too. If you are with an abusive person or careless person, look deep within you, there is actually a part of you that is abusive or careless or even reckless. You may not know until you exhibit it fully. Habits can be hidden and some glaring enough in our eyes. They form our values and our values determine who gets attracted to us.


This is also different from Opposites Attraction.

Opposites attracts deals more with interest. The law of attraction deals with values.

Remember that when you are trying to judge your neighbors, your others hands are directly pointing at you. They are your shadows, parts of you that you have ignored or once experienced. We can fool everyone but we cannot fool ourselves. If you are always ending up with someone after your body then it means you are portraying something contrary to your words, your actions are showing other wise. Maybe your looks speak to them.

If we can all judge ourselves, the world would be a better place. Sometimes you may not spot that part of you until a situation arises. We either learn behaviours unconsciously or consciously. The more you despise others for their wrongs, the more you exhibit the same too. Before you argue, think back at the hands you have pointed to people, have you ever in your life not done something close to what they did? Why judge? Think well , I mean, really think well.

Must Likes attract likes? Yes, sugar would always attract ant and lights would attract flies, it’s an eternal principle.

Who are you attracting? Have you checked yourself too?

Please share your thought with me.

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  • Wow! #informing and #expository…while reading through I wanted to ask(get clarification) about the ‘law of attraction’ vs ‘likes attract likes’ philosophies…But, thank God you clarified things…So, it means the “Opposites attracts(philosophy) deals more with (couples’)interest.(&) The law of attraction deals with (the similarities in their) values…Coachy #OnPoint!!!

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