Many people have given up on trying to rebuild their marriages due to unmet expectations, painful experiences, unanswered prayers, consistent adultery, rejection, emotional withdrawal, and disconnection.

People often get married with the idea of living "happily ever after," but sometimes they encounter situations that challenge this ideal. However, it is never too late to work on rebuilding and restoring a broken marriage. In this season, God is particularly focused on rebuilding homes and restoring broken unions.

Find out What Causes Most of the Breakdown of Marriages in the World Today and How to Rebuild Your Home.

This book is filled with practical insights, divine revelations, and real-life experiences that will help draw you closer to God and show you how to partner with Him to make your marriage work.


Prayer confessions, decrees, warfare strategies, and devotionals for you and your marriage.

Is your marriage experiencing an unhealthy twist, or do you desire to know how to enthrone God's presence in your life and home for healing, victory, wisdom, deliverance, and restoration? Get yourself and your friends a copy now.

Why you should read this book.

There is a strategy for praying effectively for yourself and your marriage. When praying, it's important to decree according to the truths and knowledge of the Word, as well as any divine revelations you may have received about your marital state. Avoid basing your prayers solely on personal wishes or assumptions. By learning the code to pray and applying it in your life and marriage, tangible results are guaranteed.

Thrive is a valuable spiritual resource that guides you on how to pray with revelation and understanding, decree with authority and power

Experience tangible results and manifestation.


  • How to protect your heart, identify time wasters and toxic relationships.

  • Discover uncommon signs you shouldn’t ignore if you want to have a thriving marriage. 

  • Red flags are common, but certain patterns and signs create a faulty foundation for your home. 

  • Discover how to: detect these signs, protect your heart and make healthier marital decisions.

  • Elevate your identity and self-worth.

  • Discover spiritual and psychological red flags.

  • Be intentional and clear about your marital destiny.