Your Relationship Crashed? Here is how to get over it..

Tired of Crying Over a Broken Relationship?

  • Do you currently feel betrayed and heartbroken?
  • You want to find a way to get over the series of heartbreak thoughts and pains you have been having.
  • You try to trust again but it doesn't happen easily.

Hi, I'm Nike. I help women overcome heartbreaks, become attractive and get re-positioned for a healthier relationship.

My name is Nike Adedokun, I was heartbroken several times, let me show you how I overcame and re-positioned myself.....

After going through lots of betrayals, rejection and addictions, I can as well tell you what it took me to get positioned. I didn't know my values had been tampered with by ME unconsciously. I didn't know the pains and baggage of the past had taken over my original self. I wanted to settle for less, I wanted to feel loved at all cost. I was busy working on my external part and ignoring the real me but self awareness led me to self mastery.

Few years ago, I got my heartbroken even when I saw the signals. I knew I didn't deserve such treatments but I preferred to change him. I chose to stay and I got into a mess for that. I did all I could but it still crashed.

I cried. I was nervous. I was scared, frustrated, depressed, name it all.

Few years down the line, I have become a brand new person who now knows what she wants and goes for it.

But I didn't get to that stage in a minute; it took a lot of deliberate steps.

I had to release myself from the past, heal, recover, get transformed and build my attraction forces.

It can be painful and depressing to fall in love and yet get dumped for no sufficient reason.

The truth is.....​

You didn’t rush into a relationship because you wanted to become cheap or because your life was worthless.

You just wanted to feel loved.

You really wanted to make your partner happy and you wanted to feel happiness too. You gave your all and everything in you. You were sincere, honest and committed. You didn’t mind what anybody would say, you just wanted to build a sincere relationship that would blossom into the best thing that ever happened. And yet, the worst happened.

I had my own fair share. I saw the signs but yet I ignored. I felt he would change. I felt I could become nicer and change him also.

Even though you think you are alone, I can assure you that you are not.........

I admit that I made my mistakes..

But during my journey towards overcoming my heartbreaks, I realized that I went through three phases of life......




What about if you had the opportunity to...

  • Get simple step by step ways on how to heal
    Because healing doesn't happen in a day. It is a process and you can master it.
  • Become self aware and be in charge of your life
    This is the moment where you decide what comes into your life and not. Self awareness is a result of transformation.
  • Join fellow like-minds who are eager to heal and transform their lives          One of the best ways to get going in life is to have a support system that keeps you accountable, inspired and better than ever.

I have designed a program for you to make it all possible.....

I get heartbroken when I hear how much women are going through over losing a relationship that was everything they needed. It is painful to see ladies end up on hospital beds, get into drugs and other harmful vices just to forget about their pains. It doesn't work that way. I have found a way that can turn your experiences into a pleasurable moment when you think back again.

This program is for you if...

  • You have been heartbroken several times.
  • Your past seems to be holding you back.
  • You have been abused in the past.
  • You have not been lucky with relationships.
  • You are scared of going into any relationship at all.



Akinjobi Sodiq

Have you ever felt something before?

Not love but the feeling that a load you have been carrying has been lifted off your head?

That's how a break up is. A really painful break up.

I had already let go but I was deeply affected. It affected my sense of judgement and the way I relate with the opposite sex that I am attracted to.

So last week, Nike Adedokun posted about an opportunity to have a session with her if you are going or have had an heart break.

All what I thought I did right which are wrong was shown to me.

She didn't drag the load, she simply helped me with it.

I've implemented what she explained and I am free.

You've got relationship issues? Speak to Nike Adedokun

After this program, you will be....

  •  Free from unhealthy beliefs that has stopped you from attracting an ideal partner and building a healthy relationship.
  • Become self aware of your  values and personality which in turn helps you identify an ideal partner.
  •  Heal from every past baggage that has been stopping you from feeling valuable, good enough and attractive.
  • Stop having the fears surrounding having a right partner and building a successful relationship.
  •  Able to build a stress-free and soul fulfilling relationship.
  • Able to identify the kind of partner you want easily.
  • Have more suitors coming around.
  • Will stop feeling worried over the pains of the past and get on with your life completely.
  • Able to identify the kind of partner you want immediately without too much stress of jumping from one man to another.

What are people saying?..........

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“On different occasions I have spoken to people for help on some emotional issues, I sometimes get what I've known or stuffs that may not really help situations at hand from them. I spoke to coach Nike, I took up the responsibility of investing in my life after she told me I have to be intentional about what I want, truth be told I have heard this plenty times. After the first module of the program, I knew I had some long way to go, and I'm determined to take the bull by its horn and see me blossoming again!”

Oluwafunmbi Purpose Adeoti

When I was introduced to Nike and her work I was immediately blown away and inspired by her depth of knowledge, sincerity and professionalism. She exemplifies to me true charismatic leadership and partnership in such an authentic and graceful way. I love that she believes in what she does and it shows in her consistency and perseverance."

Nekisha Michelle
John Doe UI/UX Designer






The video corses would help you to study each module at your convenience either on PC or mobile.



Worksheets helps you get practical by filling questions that get you thinking based on the module.



It becomes fun when you can learn and feel accountable in the midst of other people who have gone through close or same experience. The journey is smoother when others care.



This is where I talk to you one-on-one with no interruption or distraction. It could be to answer your questions, for therapy or to guide you based on the modules. It occurs once in two weeks.



This is a group coaching meduim where you listen and learn from each other issues with a high level of privacy.​










After payment, send your details to or

If you have issues with the MasterCard, you can pay directly to Gtbank, Adenike Adedokun O, 0050407100​


If at the end of the 2 months program, nothing happens to you or you don't recover, I assure you of a money back guarantee.

Ayo Afolabi

Hello Nike, you were able to address key areas in the conversation and solutions were proffered.

The frequency of your apt-listening methodology and sequence of response was timely, proactive and solution-driven.

Your suggestions and advice will be worked on.


Think about how you would feel when you are able to completely move on with your life rather than crying daily over your ex.

Think about the joy you would have when you become free again and summon the courage to start a fresh relationship.

Picture yourself having the ideal relationship with no stress. Won't you rather go for that than remain in pain and fear?

Have you realized the cost of the pain as against joining this program?

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