Are you tired of the situation of your relationship?

Are you wondering why she is no longer interested in you?

Have you tried all ways to make him want you more and it’s not working?

So many times our relationships wane down and become boring and wearisome to us. We try our best pleasing our partners but to no avail. Read on The Main Purpose Of a Relationship

Though, this could be as a sign of lack of interest from your partner or could have arise as a result of of negligence on your part. Sometimes, we take our partners for granted and don’t try spicing our relationships or caring for their needs. We show less concern and attention to pressing needs of a relationship like support, communication, trust et al’

If your relationship is about to crash or you are trying your best to mould it back, you can take the following steps:

1. Discover the cause of the problem: You can’t win a battle until you know who you are facing. This prepares you ahead on the methods and strategies to use. Sit down and think!

What could have been the problem? Was it from your side or the other? Was it as a result of a disagreement? Was it caused by a third party interference?

Think about it? Did you stop doing something that was formerly regular?

When you ponder on this, it would help you know the right steps to take.

A lot of people act out of impulse. They don’t find out before acting, hence, they spend longer time in one spot. After discovering what the problem is, the next thing to do is:

2. Can the relationship be won?: Ask yourself a sincere question. Is the cause of the relationship crash a repairable situation? If you were caught cheating, that could be more complicated. If you stopped giving attention, that could be retraced. If it was an interference, a wall could be built. These and more are the points to ponder on.

So ask yourself again, now that I know the cause of the problem, can the relationship still work out?

A sincere answer to this would lead us to another step.


3. Point down your strategies: Now that you know the cause and if it can work out, sit down and think of how best to make it work. If the relationship has to end due to complicated issues, try not to to force it because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

For instance, if the other partner has lost total interest and have moved on with another person, there is little you can do especially when it’s evident they don’t care about you anymore. Don’t try to be a pest or show lack of worth by being pushy. Be sensitive to the situation on ground. Some ladies can be very pushy, read more here Why Ladies Remain In Abusive Relationshps

So what if there is hope?

If it’s a communication or attention problem, get deliberate on how to bring back the fire. Create time from your busy schedules and make your partner happy. Communicate more and listen more.

If it’s on trust issues, it is expedient that you sit down and talk about the reasons for doubts or clear some suspicions you have. A relationship without trust or communication is dead. Don’t suspect little things unnecessarily. Be quick and wise to investigate properly.

Think about what to do, how to do it and take actions. If you have to create walls against interference, do it with wisdom.

If you have to plan a surprise gift or event, do it! If you have to sacrifice something little to win your relationship, do it as long as it makes you proud.

I repeat, do not keep trying to win an abusive relationship. If he has been beating you up and ignoring you, please run for your life. If you want to know how to let go, read Letting go of an abusive relationship

If he or she has been constantly cheating on you, what else do you want? Manage, endure or move on to better opportunities? Read on Dealing with an abusive partner

If she keeps making you vomit all your money on material things, you had better close your account because a responsible woman would not just spend your money all the time, she would plan and also help you invest wisely.

Okay!!!!! I guess I have specified it quite alright. Is there any point that wasn’t clear? Please let me know. Do you agree more or less? Hit the comment button. You have more ideas? Please tell us.

Choose to live healthy and stay purified!


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