Why women love attention

And so I heard women love too much attention and it can be so annoying. Huh? Guys or men rather, you need to understand why and learn how to manage this.

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Communication is necessary in every relationship and it can come in various ways for the both gender. Women loves attention and men loves to be respected.

We have different kinds of attention, am not referring to attention seeking ladies for selfish motives, am referring to how a woman wants to be loved. She wants to be listened to and be reassured of her importance. This may not make sense to the men but women are wired differently from the men. A lot of relationships and marriages have broken up because partners refused to understand how best they communicate. Let me tell you a tip.

Women and attention

This post is about do something, explain why they like attention, advise the ladies on managing their little big weakness and also give men ideas on how to cope with it.

Women have always been known to derive love from companionship. Women feel loved when they are hugged, cuddled and reminded of how much they are loved every time.

Is this such a big deal? Yes and No!

No, because women were raised that way. They were built as receivers, to be pampered like babies. They are moved by what they hear and they don’t mind sitting beside you all day long listening to your titanic story of how they have become your Juliet to Romeo. Women feel relaxed when the men keep showing the efforts.

When a woman don’t get the attention she needs, she begin to feel unwanted.

When a man suddenly drift away, there is always a fear of “He is no longer interested in me” feeling. Though, men are usually known to drift away but they bounce back better except they have lost the touch for the lady.

Have you notice babies love attention? Even when you smack and scold them, they would still return to your arms. I won my cousin heart (1year+) by giving him quality time. That’s just how women act too. Women are to be treated like babies, though some of them take it for granted but there should be a balance.

They don’t mind if you leave your job early enough to spend time with them, it makes them feel loved. Women prefer to sit under the tree with a man they love holding hands and talking about moon-love stories. They would always notice something wrong when all this stops.

Yes, it’s a big deal because they would be forced to settle less with anyone willing to offer attention. One of the reasons why some ladies suddenly cheat on their partner is because they found someone else willing to exert attention on them in words, cash et al. No excuses for them at all.

Men, how can you cope?

Try creating time for your woman. Once in a while, give her a surprise quality time outing. Don’t only spend time on your job alone, it’s understandable though (man needs to hustle) but try to apportion some time for her, it makes her feel loved.

Women, listen up!

Stop trying to wait for only attention. Get a life too! Blunt but true. Some women simply sit about waiting for someone to cuddle them all through the week. Yeah, I know you need it but if you are busy working on your vision and purpose, you wouldn’t sit around every minute waiting to be loved.

A woman with direction is more respected than the totally dependent woman who only needs to be massaged daily with no base for her life.

Seek it once In a while but don’t let it define you. Don’t be desperate. Men sometimes want you to be a bit busy with your life to enhance the chase, don’t be too available but don’t run off totally(wisdom is profitable to direct).

Players have a way around ladies because they know what they want and are willing to offer it to them.

Now, you know why women love attention.

What else do you think women are fond of?

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