Therapy Packages

  • Do you feel heartbroken about a relationship, loss, betrayal and want to recover from the pain?
  • Do you constantly feel rejected and abandoned by people you love so much?
  • Are you scared of getting into a relationship or marriage because of the painful stories you have heard about?
  • Are you struggling with an addiction like pornography, masturbation, sexual lust etc., and want to recover from it?
  • Did you face childhood emotional neglect while growing up which has made it difficult for you to give or receive genuine love?
  • Did you suffer so much criticism and confrontation while growing up leaving you feeling inadequate and not accepting of your true self?
  • Are you always trying to please people for the sake of not feeling rejected afterwards?

I invite you to speak with me so that we can deal with these issues as I have been a victim of all these and more yet I have been able to rise above it to help other people embrace their true identity now. You can also choose any of the button below for a one off session or series of sessions.



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