The Ultimate Guide to Love, Dating & Relationships

Find out the secrets, principles and strategies that can help you to build healthy, happy and lasting relationships.

"If we own the story then we can write the ending."

— Brene Brown

Have you been finding it hard to find, attract and a keep a relationship that you want?

Imagine a relationship where you can be yourself freely, communicate effectively and plan your future together.

Imagine being able to attract whoever you want at the go.......Imagine having all that you have ever wanted by your side.

What if you could find out what could be stopping you from attracting who you want or keeping a relationship certain and strong

What if you can determine who you want after a few conversation.......I mean spotting the right partner.

What if you can heal from your past relationship and become sane enough to heal, love and trust again.

Have you found yourself in these situations?

  • Having several partners that end up living you for no evident reasons.
  • Always attracting men that are after your body
  • Not too sure of the kind of person to settle down with
  • Don't know how to spot the right partner.
  • Have issues with heartbreaks from the past.
  • Constantly feeling unlovable, unattractive and lonely.
  • Having a tight schedule with no time to make new friends or keep a relationship alive.
  • Having communication issues with your partner.
  • Feeling like a caged bird in a relationship with a partner who is abusive, selfish and uncaring.
  • Not meeting the kind of person you wish to date or marry.

While I was growing up, I had so many desires but I never really saw the reality. I kept trying but it wasn't working. I tried reading more novels, magazines and watching movies but they were too abstract for me. I tried forcing myself on men but it still didn't work. I also tried reducing my size and sometimes increasing my size but there was no difference. At some points, I chose to dress more sexy but I kept attracting the wrong men. I also tried going out often but I wasn't bold to make the first move and I wasn't looking the part. 

Worse still, I read up advises on Google but it wasn't dealing with my inner issues. It was just filled with 101 ways to fall in love and meet a man. I knew I needed something that could thrash my fears, worries, insecurity and low self-esteem. 

I began to seek for answers within. I came face to face with my demons and began observing and thrashing them. I went ahead to attend life changing training and my self discovery began. Looking down the years, I must confess that the work was worth it because I have used my skills, knowledge and experience to coach over 3,000 singles on getting it right. 

If I could do it and become a pro, then you can do it too if you are willing.

Hello dear one, my name is Nike Adedokun Folagbade

Four years ago, I was feeling heartbroken and confused​. I felt unloavble and unattractive. I simply thought I would never attract a better man but few years down the line, I discovered purpose, took my life seriously, worked on myself and attracted my husband. Yes! I'm married now,

I help singles overcome heartbreaks, become attractive and build healthy relationships.

I coach singles from over 7 countries on healing from their past, becoming attractive, discovering their true identity and building the relationship of their dreams.

I have written over 5 books including "HOW I GOT THE RING"​. I have had various media appearances and recognition.

What if you could:

  • Discover the key strategies that strengthen relationships and keep them exciting and alive.
  • Be more genuine and authentic throughout you full range of personal and professional relationships.
  • Deal with the inevitable challenges that often arise in relationships
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with other people.
  • Identify and choose a long term life partner more effectively.
  • Understand how to earn the trust of other people.
  • Recognize the telltale signs that a relationship isn't working.
  • Dissolve arguments and disagreements before they even begin.
  • Transform the quality of your intimate, social and professional relationships.
  • Know how to build stronger and more vibrant relationships.

10 Mistakes You May Be Making

  • Denying your inner issues and seeking for a relationship to make you feel secured and loved.
  • Dating anyone you meet before finding out who they really are.
  • Settling for less because of age factor.
  • Double-dating to ascertain the best choice.
  • Doing the worst to keep a relationship going.
  • Praying for your partner to stop being abusive.
  • Expecting a change from your partner in the future.
  • Living in bitterness due to your past relationship
  • Rejecting every friendship because of fear of being hurt again.
  • Not knowing the important questions to ask before saying YES.

What others are saying...

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Address Your Visitor's Last-Minute Objections

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