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It only took reading the first few pages of this book to know without a doubt that the power of God was strongly upon it. Nike has received a weighty liberation mandate and Untold Secrets that Wreck Marriages is a powerful tool for the redemption, restoration and deep healing of ailing marriages. This book contains revelational knowledge that could only have come from the Holy Spirit. Be prepared! It's not a regular book. This is deliverance! It is a navigational tool for singles who want to experience marriage God's way and a must-have resource for the married who desire their marriage to be everything God wants it to be.
Tosin Sanni
Relationship & Christian Life Coach
As I gleaned through the pages of this book, I felt the presence of God so strong releasing Purpose and Hope within me. Each line was laced with the Authority in the name of Jesus. I couldn't resist the Word of His power inherent in the Book hence I submitted to its purpose. With this great revelation in view, I planned to re-read the book to experience again a greater dimension of the Light of God as it exposes the Darkness lurking in me and my marriage. I pray for an open mind for as many that will be privileged to handle this peculiar Book. The Book will fulfil the purpose in which it was created in them and their Marriages in Jesus name.
Temitope Adewale Folorunsho