During my university days, I had a clique of friends. We were seven in number and we really remained close till our graduation . One day, Femi argued with us about how he planned to meet his future wife. He said his father dreamt of his own wife before meeting her and it must happen the same way for him too. We tried to make him see reasons as to why he is different and why he doesn’t need to follow same route but all fell on deaf ears. Well, that belief changed after few years because he had to face real life.

Another guy in one of the colleges I went to also bragged about how he must marry a fair lady, as he doesn’t have plans to settle down with a black woman as if he wasn’t from a black Country. Well, am not so sure if he has changed by now.

For me, while growing up, I kept on setting preference on the kind of friends I wanted to have. I wanted them in a particular manner, tall, dark, beautiful, handsome, cute and fit and the likes but most times the perfect figure comes with a disgusted content. This I battled with for a while.

What’s my point?

So many times, we are responsible for our problems. We set up an image of the kind of partner we want, how we plan to meet them, what they should be wearing and doing that we forget that imaginations are different from reality. Even if they come to pass, it might not happen in our ideal way. We have mostly limited ourselves from meeting great and nice people. We easily judge people because they are not looking like what we want physically. We easily get attracted to the outside which has made lots of people wear various masks. People are living fake lives, impressing and oppressing others while their life stinks on the inside.

So when next you meet a nice person not looking as beautiful as you want, pass by that look to their heart because you can change a person’s look but you can’t change their heart since you don’t know the content.

Most people have ignored their future partners, their business partners, their helpers in the name of looking for a specific.

What are you searching for? Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter the ideal picture you are seeking , you would still end up with your kind of person. You can also read: Must Likes Attract Likes?

Quit limiting yourself, there is greatness in everyone. That person you see everyday on your street may be the next star tomorrow.

So, you keep saying, you are not meeting people, are you being friendly? Are you ignoring people because of your taste?

For some, they have great relationships but they have limited how far they can go on because of fear, Public opinion and indecisiveness.

What about those in abusive and unhealthy relationships? Some have refused to opt out because they believe they can never meet a better person or
they don’t deserve better.

Check your limiting beliefs and edit it right away.

Please tell me, what have limited you from having awesome relationships ? Let’s talk about it.

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