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Our goal is to help you overcome the challenges that occur in the early years of marriage and help you experience bliss, oneness, and intentionality while loving, building, and parenting together.


We will engage in a live class twice in a month on zoom with replays available.


What is a kingdom mariage without access to God's Word and prayer to strengthen you home. We got you covered.


Every month, you will have access to a workbook that can help you answer questions and evaluate your journey.


Get access to seasoned mentors and experts who will teach on topics that can help your marriage.


You will also learn via books and movies that leave you with a lasting impact.


There will be direct access to me which helps you learn as a group and on a one on one basis if you prefer such plans.

Our Happy Testimonials!

Nike is a rare gem in the Marriage ministry. Before I met her, I had been searching both online and physically for godly and practical answers to nagging issues I was dealing with, in my life, but it was either I wasn’t satisfied with the responses I got or get no response at all.

Ever since I met Nike, which was divinely orchestrated and joined her program, not only have my identity, spiritual life, and mindset towards my marriage been transformed, l have enjoyed the peace of God in my heart like a river, which I have always thought was a fiction. She has equipped me with practical godly approaches, to taking charge of my mind, marriage, and situations around me, which seek to rob me of God’s purpose and victory for my life.

Mrs Bola

Our session honestly made my day. I’m doing well and feeling much better since I spoke to you and it’s made it easier for me to focus on work and it’s definitely been easier to sleep after getting great insights from you as to what led to my current situation. I learnt so much about myself and my wife from both talking to you and reading your book and I wish I had discovered the book sooner. The book is an amazing wealth of knowledge and wise instruction and upon reading chapters 3 and 5. I started reading from the first chapter. 

Mr Osagie

As her husband, I’m the luckiest man to be married to this woman with so much passion for growth, not just for herself but even for others.

Nike has helped so many people retrace their lives back after heartbreak, divorce, or any form of relationship or marriage challenge. This can be taken as her job and so may be tagged as not a big deal but for her to be living what she teaches is a big deal for me.

I’ve been married to this woman for 5 years now and can say it anywhere that she’s a gift from God to this generation. It’s easier to see people teach but for a teacher to practice what she teaches is the real thing.

I celebrate you, my woman.

Mr Folayemi

Our 12 Module Focus

In 12 months, we will be covering the following topics:

Marriage Mindset

Identify the right mindset to keep a working marriage and thrash wrong ideologies.

Marriage Envisioning

Learn how to set family vision, values and goals that can impact your marriage positively.

Communication /Conflict Resolution

Rise above wrong assumptions and learn how to express your needs and feelings without fear.

Intimacy Building

Learn how to nurture your marriage and sustain a healthy emotional connection.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to identify and master your emotions for self awareness and empathy.

Sex and Sexuality

Deepen your bond by exploring and uncovering your sexual needs and preferences.

Spiritual growth

Learn how to host God's presence in your home for divine wisdom, intimacy and to overcome patterns.


Learn the tools to build a healthy communication and stay emotionally whole and connected to your children.

Roles, Boundaries and Lifestyle

Learn how to thrive in your marriage through partnership, healthy habits and by setting healthy boundaries.

Dealing with In-laws

Understand the wisdom required to set boundaries and manage your in-laws with love.


Discover the pathway to discovering yourself and maximizing your gifts to help the world and impact the next generation

Financial Intelligence

Understand how to earn, budget, save and invest appropriately and also partner together to manage your finances.

Who is this Marriage Academy for?

Married Couples who are ready for an upgrade...
Singles who want to learn ahead...

What People Are Saying

Here is what people in our marriage programs are saying

Coach Nike is a visionary coach who has impacted so many lives immensely including myself in helping women come out of troubled or failed marriages so they can heal from past hurts and pains. She has an exemplary way of speaking that gets to the depth of your being which makes you take positive steps in the right direction. I have paid her programs and personal coaching sessions and her wisdom and depth is mind blowing.. When you undergo her training, something in you shifts...That's grace at work.
Dr Kenny Akins
Prior to joining the marriage program, I had a lot of issues in my marriage especially regarding intimacy, anger management and purpose discovery but in the space of 3 months coaching, my eyes have been opened to the dynamics of making my marriage work by Hosting God's Presence. I now have a better knowledge of God, His love and how to war rightly. I have discovered that nagging, shouting, complaining, whining can NEVER solve any issue. I now know who I really am (my identity) and how God sees me. All the modules in the course are power packed, the WhatsApp group provided a support system that helped me see that I am not alone.
Mrs Bukola
I was at a place where I was bitter, tired, pained and didn't have a plan on how to face the crisis I was going through in my marriage and life generally. I had prayed but I needed a laid out plan to work through then WBN came. In the community, I first of all found people with like mind, who wanted to fight for their marriage God's way. My first testimony is that I found a tribe, we encouraged each other, walked with each other through our individual struggles, prayed with and for each other. I need that community and that bond. Then there was the teaching from you coach, the practical approaches, the access we all had to you, the modules, prayers, seminars, books, it helped me refocus, removed my eyes from the problem and became solution minded. I saw were I was erring, I saw were I needed to let go and let God, and today to the Glory of God, the things that causes issues with me and my husband are now better managed. I was able to come out of the hurt I was going through. Through the teaching I identified what the issues were and their causes. I was able to map out a plan on how to handle them, make decisions based on God's word, wait for God's voice more and lean on God more to handle the issues.
Mrs Sekinat
I stumbled on coach Nike's page on Instagram when I was at the point of leaving my just 18months old marriage. I contacted her so I could have one on one session with her. She told me about warrior bride and I signed up for it. It was indeed a life changing experience for me, she opened my eyes to see and view things in a way I never imagined. I can’t really go into details on how God used her for my growth and my marriage. My marriage took a 360° turn just because I applied her teachings, I was dazed and I'm still dazed. I look at my husband now and I ask myself if I'm dreaming or married to another person. My relationship with my in-laws also got better just because I applied her teachings. I'm grateful to God for the gift of coach Nike. She is a blessing to the world.
Mrs Bisola








Gold Couples
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Diamond Couples
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Meet Me Here

Nike Folagbade is a Marriage Minister, who has been sent to the family sphere to cause a revolution and revival of God’s presence in homes today. She also helps men and women experience emotional healing and personal transformation thereby being able to build healthy relationships and marriages. She is a personal transformational and family life coach.

She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Results Coach. She is also an associate of Family Systems Engineering and an Emotional intelligence and Anger management coach. She is also a SYMBIS certified facilitator to help engaged couples with pre-marital counseling

Nike was listed among the 2019 100 most inspiring young people in Nigerian. In 2015, she was recognized as the best sexuality advocate and in 2014, she won the third relationship blog in Nigeria.

Let's Beautify Your Marriage Together!

Questions & Answers

This group was specially created for couples who are ready to deal with any marital challenge you may be facing or if you wish to elevate your marriage. It is also open to singles who wish to learn ahead.

It is going to run for a year, from February 2022 to February 2023.

You will get access to the replay of each classes.

The topics are tailored to build your marriage. It does not have to based on a marital crisis, you can join to learn and thrive together.

The Gold couples have access to me during live teachings and general group coaching in the group but the Diamond couples have access to me for one on one private coaching every quarter, 4 times in the year.

We will have our bi-monthly teachings on zoom and the replay will be available. There will be a monthly workbook to document your lessons and journey. The accountability group will hold on WhatsApp and the replay can be accessed on my online school on this website.

Yes you can pay twice, you can send an email to for a confirmation on this.



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