(Must Read): A Poem To The One I Cherish

I met a man with vision, He sees into the darkest tunnels. I met a man who fears God, His heart; so melted by God\’s grace. I met a man with an heart of love, a love, I have never experienced from an intimate human. I met a man with care. Oh! How much he cares for his mother. Her blessings would keep him up for long. I see a man with dreams And a heart to fulfil them. I see a man with true love, joint with an unimaginable form of expression. I see a man that loves God. Raising a Godly family would do. I see a man with strength,so hardworking and productive. I have a man who loves me, Yet I can\’t equal such love. So powerful and intriguing. I have a man with a heart To carry all my pains and fears. Yes, I believe him. I have a man with words of romance, Reigniting the fire that burns in the frame of my heart. I have a man worthy to be called a man; full of strength, care, love and passion. I see myself fulfilling more dreams with his support. I see a beautiful marriage. I see a father and joyful beautiful children. I see myself cuddled in the arms of my own friend in a home sweet home. Yes! I met. I saw. I have and Oh! I believe in us. I love you…………Folayemi
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