Making Your Marriage Work With a Difficult Partner

Learn how to Build a Kingdom Relationship and Marriage that Works

Building a healthy kingdom relationship and marriage requires skills and wisdom, but when you partner with God, it becomes easier to rise above the difficult challenges that often beset such relationships.

Take a journey of destiny with me and I will help you uncover how to rebuild your life, heal emotionally and build a family that thrives together.

Enduring or Enjoying your marriage?

Marriage is not created to crush you, but you would need wisdom to navigate the various challenges that can come up in it.

After reading this eBook, you will be able to:

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Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages - Download free 2 chapters

Many people have given up on trying to rebuild their marriages due to unmet expectations, painful experiences, unanswered prayers, consistent adultery, rejection, emotional withdrawal, and disconnection.

People often get married with the idea of living “happily ever after,” but sometimes they encounter situations that challenge this ideal. However, it is never too late to work on rebuilding and restoring a broken marriage. In this season, God is particularly focused on rebuilding homes and restoring broken unions.

This book is filled with practical insights, divine revelations, and real-life experiences that will help draw you closer to God and show you how to partner with Him to make your marriage work.