Enduring or Enjoying your marriage?

This less than 40 page eBook is designed to help you HEAL, THRIVE and NAVIGATE.

Ever felt like your marriage is pushing you in different directions that leave you anxious, unfulfilled, and disappointed?

Do you:

– Blame yourself for your choice of partner and everything happening.

– Do your best to please and impress your spouse even when unnoticed or acknowledged.

– Insist on dealing with the issues immediately they arise, even when your partner refuses to engage or blames you.

– Do extreme things to get back at your partner or tackle the issues you are noticing.

– Get worried every time, spending your moments in anxious thoughts with heart palpitation.

– Feel like there is more to your life than your marriage?

– Feel dissatisfied with the current state of your marriage with the hope that things can improve naturally?

Marriage is not created to crush you, but you would need wisdom to navigate the various challenges that can come up in it.

After reading this eBook, you will be able to:

As I read the book, I was wowed by how Min. Nike was able to delicately address those who may be deeply content in their marriages, those facing harsh realities, and those who would gain better clarity about their marital journeys after reading the book. Indeed, marital success is achievable. Whether you are single or married, this superb practical eBook will compel you to courageously pursue emotional, psychological, and spiritual awareness because the mastery of these will result in fulfilling your destinies "within or without '' your marriage. I tell you, this book drips with wisdom from start to finish; give it a read now!
Omobolanle Alade
Legal Practitioner
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This less than 40 page eBook is designed to help you HEAL, THRIVE and NAVIGATE.