Prayer confessions, decrees, warfare strategies, and devotionals for you and your marriage

Are you experiencing any of these and more?

  • Praying and fasting about your marital problems without results.

  • You walk on eggshells in your marriage, not knowing what to expect next.

  • You experience unprovoked accusations and self-worth is constantly attacked.

  • Whenever you want to pray, you are short of the right words.

  • You lack Godly counsel on how to navigate your marital troubles.

  • You have applied every suggestion you have learnt from spiritual literature, seminar, friends and family, but all to no avail.

  • You are vulnerable to being tempted to deal with your personal and marital struggles in the flesh, rather than partnering with the Holy Spirit.

  • You are helplessly watching your marriage cave in over mundane issues.

  • You desire to be more strategic in your spiritual journey.

Here is why this book is a necessity in your home:

Just as ignorance is not an excuse in the legal sense, it is also not an excuse in the battle for a ‘heaven on earth’ marriage and a fulfilled destiny. The devil hates all of God’s creation, and marriage is no exception. Nothing brings him more joy than to see couples who were once deeply in love turn against each other like enemies.

Don’t be fooled. The devil is crafty and skilled at deceiving humans. He takes advantage of our weaknesses, whispers lies into our hearts and makes us feel hopeless by constantly firing turbulent darts into our marriages, finances, health, and emotions, causing us to lose hope in the power of prayer and the Father’s love.

To conquer the devil, it is important to put on the whole armour of God and rise. Despite the thick cloud of darkness, hopelessness, and confusion that may surround you, you must rise like a conqueror and push through all opposition.

To achieve this, you must nurture an intimate communion with the head of all principalities and power — your Creator, the One who knows you in and out. Effective prayer is a powerful way to bare our hearts to the Father, make our requests known to him, and benefit from his timeless wisdom.

However, there is a strategy for praying effectively for yourself and your marriage. When praying, it’s important to decree according to the truths and knowledge of the Word, as well as any divine revelations you may have received about your marital situation.

With THRIVE as your spiritual companion, you would master how to avoid basing your prayers solely on your personal wishes and assumptions. You will be equipped with learning the code to praying and applying it in your life and marriage until the wholesome victory you desire comes to manifestation.

In this book, you are going to find out how:

  • To pray the right prayers, using the Word to see tangible results and manifestations.

  • To close the gaps that interfere with the manifestation you want to see in your home.

  • To interpret those cloudy signs, visions and revelations you have been getting from God, in your marriage.

  • To activate your personalized prayer cycles.

  • To walk with God for healing, victory, wisdom and breakthrough, every single day in your marriage.

  • To become too invincible for the devil for the tactics of the devil, and always be a thousand steps ahead of him.

  • Become a prayer pillar of your family by hosting God’s presence in your home, through your words, actions and heart. 

  • To pray with revelation and understanding, and decree your desires with authority and power.

  • To receive and follow instructions from God.

  • To steward God’s promises, prophecies and anchor words for your life, family and marriage.

  • To pray for specific solutions.

  • To build a peaceful home through the application of God’s wisdom and power.


More than identifying a problem, what Nike has done in this book is to offer an effective, easy to follow and powerful solution to problems that have killed many! To see a material deal with such sensitive issues with balance is rare. The conversations on our identity, emotional wholeness and healing, deliverance and marital prayers are assets in the hands of anyone who wants to get it or stay it right. The Guide and Prayers (including practical examples) contained in this book are bible based and will take your life beyond whatever is thrown at you. I recommend it highly and pray that the hand of the Lord will work mightily as you read and practice the precepts contained in it.
Ocholi Okutepa
Co-Pioneer, Relationship and Marriage Outreach
THRIVE is a very special book that beckons to you to go on a journey of intimacy with God. Thrive is a book of prayer that compels you to be completely vulnerable with God then progresses to equip you with tools for spiritual warfare and then adorns you with priceless wisdom for building a godly home. I believe very strongly that as people read this book; they are going to feel as though someone wrote about their deepest pain, needs and desires. I believe God has anointed this book with peace and power. Those who read and say the prayers are going to experience the peace that passes all understanding and the power of the Holy Ghost for a life of endless miracles. Nike Folagbade is not just a teacher; she is an anointed seer.
Tomi Adisa
President, Warrior Mums Prayer Hub
It is with great pleasure that I have to write a review and recommendation for THRIVE. First, this book is an eye-opener and an instructional manual to help couples uncover hidden spiritual challenges and how to overcome these issues with proper prayerful strategies and godly beliefs. Marriages are constantly under human and dark spiritual attacks either directly or indirectly. However, most of the time, we try to solve all problems from a human perspective without paying close attention to the spiritual realm. This book is well laid out with decrees, powerful prayers and declarations from the scriptures that will empower and encourage you to seize and take your marriage to the place of fulfilment as God intended it to be. I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires supernatural interventions in their marriages.
Chindah Chindah Life
Relationship and Marriage Coach, Married Life Management LTD UK
Just like the sub-heading, if you desire to thrive and fulfil your marital destiny, this is the book that will guide you to pray according to the will of God for your life. You will easily connect and locate the prophetic words and prayers that will address the situation you are in at the moment. Every prophetic word documented in this book captures your unexpressed thoughts and desires, this will go a long way in making your desire a reality. I encourage you to pray with it with an open heart and watch your testimony abound.
Jumoke A Ayegbusi
Founder- Kingdom Builders interdenominational fellowship
What you're holding in your hands is a weapon forged by the fire of the Holy Ghost, delivered to you through His prophet to wage a good warfare for your life, destiny, and marriage. This is a densely packed manual for living a victorious kingdom life every single day. Adenike wrote this book under the influence of the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit and every page is laced with divine wisdom, godly counsel and heavenly strategies for living the kind of life God designed you to live. Thoroughly grounded in Scripture, Thrive opens you up to the revelation that will transform your life and marital destiny. Yet again, Adenike exposes the secret strategies that the enemy has used to ravage the lives and marriages of unsuspecting saints and she equips them to fight the good fight of faith. As you wisely and prayerfully engage this resource, there will be an explosion of power in your life and home, and you will step into God-realities in all that concerns you. No stones are left unturned as this resource speaks to so many areas of your life that you may not find put together in any other single book. Go ahead and step into your best life in God!
Tosin Sanni
Relationship and Christian Life Coach
"Thrive" is a well-articulated write-up that has details of strategies applicable to various issues and challenges that one may face in their marital journey. It is indeed not only a book to have but a reference material in times of need. The book is recommended for all and sundry especially as we war" to establish God's rulership and enthrone Him in our marriages.
Kemi Oyegbesan
Volunteer Mentor, Coach and Counsellor, Chartered accountant