A lot of couples, especially in our part of the world, often nurse a misconception that marriage counselling is solely for those in troubled marriages. But the truth is, all marriages have their unique struggles, depending on the personalities and temperaments of the spouses.

I mean, how can the union of two individuals from different backgrounds and experiences be perfect? Having laid that foundation, the approach you adopt in resolving the issues cropping up from time to time in your marriage is critical to the health of your marriage.


A lot of couples go into marriage ill-prepared, which down the road, negatively affects the roles they play in making their marriages work.

After the wedding, some couples usually realize that their attitudes, beliefs, characters, differences, and expectations tear them apart. You don’t have to be a part of the statistics of couples not getting it right.

Hence, I’m inviting you to prepare for bliss and pure love, filled with understanding. If your parents didn’t have a good marriage, it’s up to you to write a new story. If you never had a good model of marriage while growing up, you’ve to find new models and become better too


Engaging in the wishful thinking of a ‘happy ever after marriage’ has never helped anyone encounter and sustain a healthy relationship; this attitude can only have one end — tears and heartbreak.

Do you know that we are all capable of locating and nurturing a satisfying romantic relationship and that our ill-preparedness and lack of knowledge have been our stumbling blocks? Oh! You thought the blame was on your village people and haters, right?