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  • Do you need help with conflict resolution in your marriage?
  • Are you tired of the coldness in your marriage and want help with how to create a better marriage?
  • Do you feel like your spouse has built up a wall causing withdrawal and difficulties in your marriage?
  • Are you feeling like you married the wrong person and need help to reconnect or make the right decision?
  • Is your home currently tensed and you need help with navigating through that season?
  • Are you tired of fasting and prayer but wish to understand the wisdom around building a loving home with God?
  • Is your spouse always angry or it has even escalated into separation?
  • Are you dealing with cheating and betrayal?
  • Do you need wisdom with in-law interference?

From time to time, couples experience conflict around different issues like mindset, personality clash, finance, sex, parenting, long distance relationship, communication, in-laws interference, roles and responsibilities, faith, etc, it is important to confront these issues rather than running away from it. After our session, you will be able to understand how to manage your issues effectively.

After our session, you will
  • Understand why you are different and learn to manage your differences better.
  • Improve your communication and build a healthier connection.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and appreciate your individuality.
  • Learn to manage challenges around sex, finance, in-laws interference, roles, personality differences, faith, etc.
  • Heal from past traumatic experiences and be more vulnerable
  • Experience victory and restoration in your marriage.
  • Create structures and systems necessary for transformation in your marriage.
  • Deal with foundational and generational patterns.
  • Resolve underlying dysfunctional issues stemming from upbringing, mindset, experiences, and beliefs.
  • Bounce back from an affair.
  • Do you need help with conflict resolution in your relationships?
  • Do you feel like you are so independent and successful and you want to learn how to attract your kind of partner?
  • Have you been single for a while and want to embrace your uniqueness before you love again?
  • Do you feel like you are living a small-minded life and want to upgrade?
  • Do you feel a strong desire to become better in your life or relationships?
  • Do you want to launch out into a road of purpose and transformation?

I can be your guide and personal transformation coach. Read from our numerous happy clients and also choose a coaching package below.

Our Happy Clients!

My husband and I decided to seek a counselor that will enlighten us about marriage and resolve our problems. Coach Nike is an excellent person and she shed light on the patterns we should intentionally not follow and build our relationship with Christ . It's so amazing how her words of advice align with Christ and not mere psychology. My sessions with her made me realize that everything is possible with God, God’s love is unending, patience is the key and divorce is not an option. Also understanding why people act in a certain way and her involvement in my marriage has made it easy for us to grow in love. She is definitely working with the direction of the holy spirit and I will recommend her for new couples, so as to save them from unnecessary havoc and clear their mindset from the saying that “marriage is not easy
Mr and Mrs A
My session with you today, was a graceful one. Thank you. You know your God! I had expectations, but not in the magnitude of all I heard, and the hope I left for home with. Earlier, my thought of seating with you was just to pour out my hurts, and, I will listen to you talk to me from one of the numerous books you've read. You listened, with skill, in a pattern/guide, which gave sincere clarity to all that was discussed. The paid-fee is worth my attendance. You did not proffer ready-made solutions, but rather guided me in finding my own peculiar-solutions, speaking in the nitty-gritty of the discovered troubles. You synced with all I talked about. And, you admitted your desire to start traveling the globe.
Adesanya Raphael
Coach Nike is an exceptional relationship counselor, kind, gentle, a great listener and Solution oriented. Her key word is 'Be Intentional' which I felt was too easy a solution to relationship problems until I recently applied it to my happiness and got great result on my first trial. Thanks to coach Nike my life radiates more joy and I see myself becoming more confident, attractive also my relationship is smooth and peaceful. I'II recommend coach Nike to everyone that desires to have a good relationship.
I just want to convey my sincere appreciation for your help today. You connected with me in a very special way as if we had known for long. I was surprised on how I felt comfortable talking to you unlike me naturally. Your depth of understanding and knowledge produce one of the most memorable discussions I have ever had, I am indeed grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and knowledge with me, It has assisted in reshaping and reawakening my mindset. I'm grateful to have met you and plead to keep this communication line open. may it be measured back to you in a thousand folds, in Jesus name, Amen.

Details on how to book a free or paid session, after booking a paid session, you will be sent an email for the bookings process.




For virtual joint sessions only

₦100000 90,000
  • 2 joint sessions for the couple (120 minutes each)

For joint and personal sessions

₦130000 120,000
  • 1 joint sessions for the couple (120 minutes each)
  • 1 session each for each person (120 minutes each)

For joint and personal sessions

₦180000 160,000
  • 2 joint sessions for couples (120 minutes each)
  • 1 session for each couple (120 minutes for each person)

For joint sessions only

₦130000 120,000
  • 2 joint sessions for the couple (120 minutes each)

For joint and personal sessions

₦160000 150,000
  • 1 joint sessions for the couple (120 minutes each)
  • 1 session each for each person (120 minutes each)

For joint and personal sessions

₦210000 200,000
  • 2 joint sessions for couples (120 minutes each)
  • 1 session for each couple (120 minutes for each person)

As a Certified SYMBIS facilitator, I use SYMBIS assessment tool for managing coaching sessions.

SYMBIS is an online tool that allows engaged or newly married couples (or even couples who have been married for a while!) to log on individually and take an assessment.  The assessment has many questions about personality, upbringing, attitudes toward money, sex, and much, much more.  A summary of your result will be sent to me and we can then cover the insights during our sessions. I recommend this for a better outcome. Do note that during our sessions, you can gain valuable spiritual insight with my prophetic giftings when necessary.

Works for singles

To help you prepare for marriage and also during your current relationship conflicts and challenges.

Works for Married

To provide an overview of your current challenge and lead you towards understanding and resolution.



After payment, kindly send an email to with your full payment details.

Book A Free Session

Do you want to begin with a free session?

You can have a free 20 minutes session which will only be for clarity on the issues you need help with. Please fill the form with detailed information so that we can focus more on getting clarity during the session. There is a number on the form, do take note to store it and call at the appropriate time. If you miss the session, you will need to reschedule for it.

More Beautiful Feedback

Coach Nike is simply phenomenal. Working with her has helped me to heal, to gain clarity, and ultimately helped in repositioning my mind for the best life ahead. I consider this as one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The maturity with which she handles her class and sessions and her sense of humor are incredible and top notch. Thanks for the promise of confidentiality you kept, that won me over, with that you know, smiles. I have learnt a lot from Nike and I don't intend to stop learning. I can only look forward to a meet up with you.
Meeting coach Nike seemed like a divine arrangement, I got the opportunity to meet her when I was going through a challenging time in my relationship and the session was truly fruitful. She was truly professional in her approach and tackled all angles skillfully, I followed through with her advice and came out strong. Nike followed through to check on my wellbeing even after my scheduled session, she is truly a go to person on all relationship matters.
Thank you so much for the session, I decided to participate because I needed clarity as regards my relationship and attracting the right man. I am glad that I decided to talk to you because I not only had a better understanding of myself but also learnt repositioning myself and attracting the right man. I intend to implement the emotional boundaries we talked about, define my relationships and be confident about who I want to accept based on my value and belief system. I'd definitely recommend this session to friends and family. I am grateful.
I knew I needed someone to talk to, I knew I needed help, but where to get it and who would help me, were the questions I asked. And honestly talking to you has really helped. Our session today has really opened my mind to a lot and I know its not just about sharing my issues, it's about sharing it with the right person. Thank you for being honest and plain with me, I really enjoyed our session.
I thank God for this turn around. Thank you for your wise counsel last night and for opening my eyes to see that this is a spiritual warfare. Your method last night was definitely not the usual marriage coaches method of tell me what happened
I registered for this session because I needed clarity as to why I had some reoccurring issues in my relationship. I gained insight as to why I was facing some issues. I realized it was linked to my family background, I would implement all that I've learnt by doing the assignments given not just because you told me to do so but also as a medium to heal, I'd greatly recommend this session because i have benefitted immensely.
Dearest Coach Nike, Good afternoon, and I trust you have been great. I doubt you would remember me, but in 2015 I was lost, angry and frustrated with my many failed attempts at a relationship. But then came you, and the relationship coaching session we had. It did transformed my life, and I wouldn't say my whole life was changed in split seconds. Rather, it was a gradual process, and I began to love and accept me for me. Fast forward to 2020, and I am in an beautiful almost 1-year relationship with this amazing woman who loves me like he own skin. Thanks for your help and support. God bless your darling heart.
Thank you so much. The session was worth it and even more. It opened my eyes to what spirituality really is. Made me question my own spirituality also, I dont even think I am spiritual as I thought😢, something to work on. You are a carrier of Gods presence, I could feel that even through the phone...

I wanted the session, because I needed a professional to help me out of this present situation I am heading out of now. I learnt a whole lot. Most especially, my happiness and life in general has more to it than holding onto someone.


Greetings Mrs Nike, I want to thank you for all your advice, care and help you are such a nice person, your advice’s and care have helped me so much, I am more confident and comfortable in my relationship with my partner than ever. Thank you ma once more. God bless you and your family.


Nike is a brilliant and caring coach. She has a perfect mastery of her teachings. I have had so many unforgettable moments with her, through her resources and consequently I have enjoyed a sweeter relationship with my partner! I wish there was more than 5 stars for her.


Coach Nike Adedokun Folagbade is a unique and seasoned relationship coach. She gives a detailed step by step guidelines in relationship matters, be it breaking free from unhealthy relationships.


Nike is just a blessing to this generation! She have been touching lives and healing emotional trauma! Many testimonies abounds!


Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. You ministered to me in a very remarkable way and I know I’ve been granted grace to live by those things I heard today. Thank You ma and God bless you.




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