Private Pre-Marital Counseling

A lot of couples go into marriage ill-prepared, which down the road, negatively affects the roles they play in making their marriages work.

After the wedding, some couples usually realize that their attitudes, beliefs, characters, differences, and expectations tear them apart. You don’t have to be a part of the statistics of couples not getting it right.

Hence, I’m inviting you to prepare for bliss and pure love, filled with understanding. If your parents didn’t have a good marriage, it’s up to you to write a new story. If you never had a good model of marriage while growing up, you’ve to find new models and become better too.

If you never experienced true love while growing up, you need to awaken yourself to the need to heal from emotional trauma and work on experiencing love as God intended.

Head knowledge will not make a marriage work. Relying solely on your friend’s advice won’t help you either. You need to take total responsibility for the outcome of your marriage. Marriage works because two people are committed, ready, teachable, humble, and willing to make it work.

This premarital program will run through different sessions, based on the package you choose. In the sessions, we’re going to cover topics like Finance, Mindset, Communication, Spirituality, etc.

What’s more, we will also use an assessment tool that will track your upbringing, experiences, personality, expectations, sex, boundaries, expectations, beliefs, money beliefs, and so on.

I have experienced much of what you will go through in your first five years of marriage. Hold my hands and let me help you navigate it well.

Why Should You Enroll in a Premarital Session?

Two marriages are never alike, hence:

To identify and understand your different personalities.

To deal with the different family patterns from your parents that can sabotage your marriage

To properly manage your expectations, communication and belief systems

To understand how to navigate the unexpected challenges that come up in marriage.

To clarify the mindset around marriages like roles, rules, boundaries, money, parenting, and vision, amongst others

To parent morally upright and godly children who can continue a generation of sane living and God’s purpose

To deal with negative and spiritual influences that may be coming from your background.

How Will It Run?

You will have a welcome email with the necessary details and a session contract.

You will be guided on how to use your Assessments if you choose the package for it.

The sessions will be held on the ZOOM video app; hence recordings will be available in the event you need to replay a live session.

You will also get access to additional resources, if necessary.

You will be given a certificate at the end of the sessions


'The premarital class was concise, yet comprehensive. It touched on the core issues surrounding marriage, especially seemingly little things that generate great effects on the marriage, such as mindsets, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. Also, the teachings were insightful and instructive. All the classes helped to focus on key areas where more work is to be done to secure a future marriage. Thank you so much, the facilitator and other guest speakers
It was a wonderful session filled with so much wisdom that can only be from God. It is helping me already because we communicate properly and with so much grace and patience and it can only get better in marriage.
Sincerely, it was mind-blowing. My partner and I had a great time learning. We learnt about patterns to look out for, how to be financially wise, and lots more. We've been applying what we've learnt so far and honestly it has been working tremendously in our relationship.
The class helped me learn more about myself and my partner, especially with respect to communicating effectively. I am now a better communicator and I take time to weigh my words before letting them out.
The premarital class was great; it was an opportunity to learn, relearn and unlearn. Every class was an experience, and I believe with God on my side, I'd pay due diligence to practice what I've learnt from the class.

Choose Your Preferred Package

  • 2 Couple sessions (2 hours each)
  • Assessment
  • 2 Couple sessions (2 hours each)
  • 1 individual session each (60 mins each)
  • Assessment
  • 3 Couple sessions (2 hours each)
  • 1 individual session each (60 mins each)
  • Assessment

Prefer Bank Transfer?

You Can Pay to Nike Folagbade International GTBANK, 0478825692 OR 0478825702 (DOLLAR ACCOUNT)

After payment, kindly send an email to with your full payment details.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the prices are fixed

You can either pick a counseling cycle or book for more by adding to the number of sessions you are paying for while checking out.

You will be redirected to a form after your payment, kindly fill it. Afterward, you will get an email on how to book your session and take your assessment also.

Yes please, you will be sent a confidential contract in the mail you get to ascertain this.

You can read about me on my website here or check out the testimonials too.


Nike Folagbade is a Family Life Coach and Counsellor. She teaches and empowers both single and married people with godly and practical strategies —  on how to build a blossoming kingdom relationship and marriage via NIKE FOLAGBADE INTERNATIONAL.

She’s a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Results Coach; an Associate of Family Systems Engineering and a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger management coach. Equally, she’s a SYMBIS facilitator, who helps engaged and married couples prepare for the  ‘before and after’ of their marriages.

Nike has written over seven books including ‘Get The Ring’, ‘Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages’, and THRIVE (a prayer confession and devotional, for manifesting a transformed marriage).

Nike currently writes for Business Day, Women’s Hub. She was a relationship contributor on Bella Naija, Women of Rubies and She leads Africa. Nike was listed among the 2019 Edition of the 100 Most Inspiring Young People in Nigeria. You can check out her website

She is the founder of the Love and Life Hub platform that equips singles with the right knowledge on love, dating, and purpose via

Nike is married to a creative genius Fola, who is building the next Amazon of Africa through a prominent publishing firm, WORITAL. To top it all, they have an amazing son.