MArriage Counselling

Would you like expert guidance to navigate your marital life effectively, position yourself to resolve conflicts well, and build intimacy in your marriage?

A lot of couples, especially in our part of the world, often nurse a misconception that marriage counseling is solely for those in troubled marriages. But the truth is, all marriages have their unique struggles, depending on the personalities and temperaments of the spouses. I mean, how can the union of two individuals from different backgrounds and experiences be perfect?

Having laid that foundation, the approach you adopt in resolving the issues cropping up from time to time in your marriage is critical to the health of your marriage.Marriage counseling is helpful in all marital situations. It is a safe outlet for couples to release their pent-up feelings.

So, rather than find solace by speaking with your parents, relatives or friends, opting for marriage counseling affords couples that unbiased third-party perspective to nip their issues in the bud.

Do you need help with conflict resolution in your marriage?

Are you tired of the coldness in your marriage and require help with how to create a better marriage?

Do you feel like your spouse has built up a wall causing withdrawal and difficulties in your marriage?

Are you feeling like you married the wrong person and need help to reconnect or make the right decision?

Is your home currently tense and you need help with navigating through that season?

Are you tired of fasting and prayer but wish to understand the wisdom around building a loving home with God?

Is your spouse always angry or it has even escalated into separation?

Are you dealing with cheating and betrayal?

Do you need wisdom with in-law interference?

From time to time, couples experience conflict around different issues like mindset, personality clash, finance, sex, parenting, long-distance relationship, communication, in-laws’ interference, roles and responsibilities, faith, etc. It is important to confront and manage your issues effectively, rather than run away from them.After our session, you will:

Understand why you are different and thereafter, learn to manage your differences better.

Improve your communication and build a healthier connection

Learn to manage challenges around sex, finance, in-laws’ interference, roles, personality differences, faith, etc.

Heal from past traumatic experiences and be more vulnerable.

Experience victory and restoration in your marriage

Create structures and systems necessary for transformation in your marriage

Deal with foundational and generational patterns.

Resolve underlying dysfunctional issues stemming from upbringing, mindset, experiences, and beliefs

Bounce back from an affair.


Mr. & Mrs A

My husband and I decided to seek a counsellor that will enlighten us about marriage and resolve our problems. Coach Nike is an excellent person and has helped to shed some light on the patterns we should intentionally avoid while encouraging us to build our relationship with Christ. It’s so amazing how her words of advice align with Christ and not mere psychology. My sessions with her made me realize that everything is possible with God. God’s love is unending; patience is the key and divorce is not an option. Now, we understand better why people act in a certain way; her involvement in our marriage has made it easy for us to grow in love. She is working with the direction of the Holy Spirit and I will recommend her to new couples, to save them from unnecessary havoc and clear their mindset from the saying, “Marriage is not easy


Mrs Ronke

Thanks for today. I know I spent more time than expected but you were patient to listen and give solutions. I feel uplifted after the session. I’ve gotten more clarity on how to manage my emotions, fulfill my purpose & thrive in my marriage while waiting on God to work on my husband.  I appreciate you. God bless you!



I thank God for this turnaround. Thank you for your wise counsel last night and for opening my eyes to see that this is spiritual warfare. Your method last night was not the usual marriage coach’s method.

Mr Fuhad

I just want to thank you for the session. The fact that you made the session friendly and she could open up was amazing. After the session, we argued again and then reflected on your picks ( communicating effectively) the major problem. We’ve been able to say certain things to each other and accept each other well and we are going to build on that. We are communicating already and trashing things out already and trying to understand each other better. It went really well. And I’m actually happy. I’m free. She is too

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1 joint sessions for the couple
(120 minutes each)
1 session each for each person
(60 minutes each)
Assessment: N160,000


2 joint sessions for couples
(120 minutes each)
1 session for each couple
(60 minutes for each person)
Assessment: N210,000


3 joint sessions for couples
(120 minutes each)
1 session for each couple
(60 minutes for each person)
Assessment: N280,000

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Nike Folagbade is a Family Life Coach and Counsellor. She teaches and empowers singles and married with godly and practical strategies, by showing them how to build a blossoming kingdom relationship and marriage via NIKE FOLAGBADE INTERNATIONAL.

She’s a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Results Coach, an Associate of Family Systems Engineering, a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger management coach. Equally, she’s a SYMBIS facilitator, who helps engaged and married couples prepare for the ‘before and after’ of their marriages.

Nike has written over seven books including ‘Get the Ring’, ‘Untold Secrets That Wreck Marriages’ and ‘THRIVE’ (prayer confessions and devotionals, for manifesting a transformed marriage).