Some Singles Capsules You Should Ponder On Today

In the race of life, I have noticed that people will keep meeting different kinds of personality.
There is no point rushing to be in a relationship forgetting there are other things to come first.
While you are there swimming in the pains of love and feeling hurt. You should be there preparing yourself.
Make yourself ready for the future.
Your education needs more of your time,why distract yourself with different relationships. Know when you are ready to start.
Why not try discovering your purpose so you can know the kind of partner you need?
Most people didn\’t get married to their secondary school or university lovers. They met people later on. It is never too early or too late but it is always better to be ready. Why waste your life and precious time chasing the wrong people or the right people at the wrong time.
Learn from other people\’s mistakes and experiences. Don\’t be the one to be learnt from at all times.
Prayer is the key. Know how to settle with God in prayer. Let your bible ve your watchword at all times, dont try trending with the secular world.
Wait for the right time and choose wisely…………….
Be Wise. Be Real. Be You………….

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