#SSW: Dealing With Inordinate Affection By Adenike Adedokun

1. Hello tweeps. We are here once again for another beautiful moment to learn. I always love great sessions with YOU.#SSW
2. I would be sharing on \”Dealing With Inordinate Affection\”.#SSW
3. Let\’s take a look at what this means and how it operate but let me alert you that everyone has experienced or is still experiencing this presently.#SSW
4. Inordinate affection is a vile passion towards a thing, place or person. An unlawful desire towards things that are not right.#SSW
5. It is an excessive, immoderate, irregular feeling borne in the soul, the emotions, which pushes people towards disorderly will power.#SSW
6. It is an ungodly soul ties to another person in a way that they dictate how you think and act from their mind, emotion and soul.#SSW
7. It could be towards the opposite sex, same sex. Could be an adultery partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or a friend.#SSW
8.  A lot of people have inordinate affection towards leaders, positions, persons, politicians, et al.#SSW
9. It doesn\’t have to be through sex. It could be a mental state where you are always deep in thought about the person and you give your all to such.#SSW
10. It could also develop from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse by a partner, an organisation or even fraternity.#SSW
11. It usually leads to lewdness and whoreodom if not properly handled. A state of sexual promiscuity. #SSW
12. A lot of people have been emotionally attached to people, yet they claim it is all about falling in love.#SSW
13. When you get too excited about the opposite sex and crave way for sexual and lustful thoughts, it is a sign of inordinate affection.#SSW
14. I have seen people get so attached to people or things that their life depends on them. They make irrational decisions borne from it.#SSW
15. Some ladies have allowed men to bruise the breast of their virginity due to allowment of unhallowed desires.#SSW
16. So many ladies have fallen into the hands of players because of emotional attachment misinterpreted into love.#SSW
17. A lot of people think that love is a feeling, a butterfly movement in their tummy, the romantic thought in their fantasyland.#SSW
18. So they even settle down with that same feeling, hoping it would last forever.#SSW
19. If you have to plan your whole life based on a person ,your dressing, outing, your routine in a way that doesn\’t really apply, you are tied to the person emotionally.
20. Two sisters who were involved in Ezekiel 23; Aholah and Aholibah representing two countries, God was dissatisfied with their acts and it earned them punishment.#SSW
21. That means that God doesn\’t want us to be inordinately attached to a person, thing or experience.#SSW
22. But a lot of people get attached to people for money, fame, sex and power. Trying to satisfy selfish and sexual desires.#SSW
23. So many people have said \”I keep thinking of her every time. I can\’t get him off my head. I am so attracted to her. I can\’t stop it\”.#SSW
24. \” She doesn\’t know this but her mere sight turns me on\”. This is definitely not about love but lust.#SSW
25. What are the ways out? There is a spiritual and physical way out of it.#SSW
26. I Peter 2:11 says \” Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshy lust which war against the soul.#SSW
27. Admittance: You need to admit and recognize what you are into before you can find ways to kill it. Take responsibility.#SSW
28. Retrace your steps: Seek help and strength from God and ask God to cleanse you. Ask for forgiveness too.#SSW
29. Forgive yourself for all the acts and get ready to let go and move on; to concentrate on God not humans.#SSW
30. Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection………..#SSW
31. Mortify means to discipline and be of self denial towards some inordinate things.#SSW
32. If we are to love God ordinately, then we must discipline ourselves towards loving another thing or person immoraly.#SSW
33. We need to abide in God\’s word to avoid falling victim of this pervert act. We need to allow God dwell in us and cleanse away all lustful acts.#SSW
34. The amount of God\’s word in you determines how sensitive you would be when a negative lifestyle set forth.#SSW
35. We must not be moved by emotions because the will power can influence us into doing the wrong things.#SSW
36. You should also break off those attachments early and stay away before it wars against the soul.#SSW
37. Spend more time with people who inspire and motivate you towards achieving greatness.#SSw
38. Set specific goals and target and work towards achieving it, in that way, it restrict you from doing frivolous things.#SSW
39. Talk to someone that can help you limit your chances of falling. Talk to a counselor.#SSW
40. Don\’t just ska-bash alone, you should also work deliberately towards it. How?#SSW
41. Resist the devil. Flee from such persons deliberately. Get busy with other things. Put a time check on yourself.#SSW
42. It won\’t happen in day but gradually, you would see changes for the HolySpirit is always ready to help you.#SSW
43. Let\’s strive towards raising sexually purified singles. We can do it as long as we are connected to God.#SSW
44. If you are struggling with setting emotional boundaries, Read how to create emotional boundaries
45.  Are you still struggling with masturbation? Or you know someone who constantly falls into it? Another form of inordinate affection.#SSW
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48. Thanks for staying with us. Am glad you have learnt. Thanks for the Retweet and contribution. I await more feedback. I am a New Eve.#SSW
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50. Thank you and stay blessed.

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