4 Bitter Truths You Must Consider Before Going Into A Relationship

There are some things you need to understand about yourself and the person you are about to go into a relationship with too.Don’t let us be selfish, we are not so perfect, then why do we go in quest for perfection.

I want to highlight 7 things we need to observe about ourselves and our future partner.

1. Do You Love Yourself?:Love is a feeling of tender care, feelings, emotions, kindness,acceptance, joy, sacrifice and the list goes on and on. Let mestart like this: “Do you love yourself enough?” Am sure youwould be puzzled about that question, because now you arelike why won’t you love yourself. The fact there is that we areyet to be satisfied with the way we look etc. We hate our eyes,height, size, background etc, that means you are notcomfortable with everything about yourself. You wish to be someone else. If this is happening with you, why then do you search for a person with a perfect body and shape (appearance).If you don’t love yourself enough, how can you love someone else? Please ask yourself well again, if you wish to change something physical or internal about you, then you may have a problem with accepting your partner the way they are too.Love yourself and get ready to love your partner too.

2. Have you discovered Your Purpose?: Have you triedfinding out what you were born to do? Do you still waste yourlife with youth exuberances? You are confused right? What hasGod deposited in you to touch the world? Find that out before jumping into a relationship. You need to be with someone that shares that dream with you. Someone that can appreciate thatpart of you and help you to be productive with it. Stop wastingyour time on relationships that takes away your vision, body,time, passion. Forget sex till you are married, stop being deceived. Focus on being a better person first. If you need money to keep your relationship alive,then get it first. Stop being confused and get your life in your hands. When you are so sure of your purpose, then you can go in search of someonethat can make that dream of you come alive too. That’s why you must allow God to pick the right one for you. Let him direct your relationship. Stop being in relationships for fun,sex, money etc.

3. Can You Accept Individual Differences?: Before you claimto be in love, ask yourself if you can accept your partner’sdifferences. Individual differences is bound to happen. You are not alike. Stop feeling that you will find someone that reasonsor acts like you do. Nothing like such. We are different from different backgrounds. Get ready to accept the flaws of your future partner. If you are, then you are ready to trend.

4. Do You Have The Spirit Of Oneness And Motivation?: Arelationship is a ship that involves two or more people relatingwith each other as one. Now, let’s come back to the two of you,you need to be able to think different and conclude as one.Motivate yourself, encourage yourself. Help yourself to grow.If you know you can’t help your partner to progress or youcan’t share your dreams, desires, properties, goals together with your partner, don’t bother creating a bond. Be ready to act like one.

This article will be continued in another post to make it 7.

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