#SinglesDate: The Strength Of Thy Youth Tweets By Dayo Samuel, @iamDayoSamuel

I help young emerging leaders get focused, get started and be impactful. Audacity2lead.com #SinglesDate

By calling, I’m a youth minister, leadership trainer. By training, I’m a media practitioner and consultant. #SinglesDate

Every time I have the chance to teach young people (like myself), I find it quite exciting. #SinglesDate

By the end of this tweetchat, I’ll give a book out for free. So hang on till the end #SinglesDate

I want to say thanks to @NikeAdedokun and @FolayemiItunu for bringing me on to share this with you. #SinglesDate @relcapsules

I’ll like to help you understand that: You are not just a young person. You are a bundle of potential power. #SinglesDate

It has been discovered that whatever change any society needs hangs on the shoulders of her youths. #SinglesDate

Due to the peculiarity of youth –being a time of responsibility and searching for answers to life’s many questions, youths tend to explore life more differently. #SinglesDate

Also, it is at this stage that most mistakes of life are made. #SinglesDate

Someone said, “Almost everything that is great has been done by youth.” #SinglesDate

This is one statement I’ve made over and again: “If Youth is a blunder; manhood becomes a struggle; and old age a regret.” #SinglesDate

Youth-hood is a time of great energy which can be channeled in some terrific positive ways #SinglesDate

Now, let me help you identify some of the strengths you already possess and also mention how to channel them. #SinglesDate

Number 1: Mental strength. “The light of your spirit is the development of your mind.” #SinglesDate

The wisest king to have lived in ancient Israel by the name Solomon was said to have been between 15-19 yrs when he became king. #SinglesDate

That tells you nobody is too young to do something significant. In fact if you’re 20 and above, you’re too old. #SinglesDate

Talking about mental strength, 1 Kings 4:29 says Solomon had a breadth of mind that is as wide as the seashore #SinglesDate

Meaning his mind has been so developed that people came from everywhere to pick his brain #SinglesDate

If people are not listening to you, then you need to acquire more brains #SinglesDate

Here is how to do that. How to acquire more brains – audacity2lead.com/how-to-acquire-more-brains/ #SinglesDate

Kings are meant to know a little about everything. #SinglesDate So develop your capacity to give answers

I saw this next statement in a movie recently #SinglesDate

Wisdom is our hammer. Prudence will be our nail. When we build our lives with honest labor, courage never fails. #SinglesDate

Number 2: Relational Strength #SinglesDate

Do you know that the best time to marry is not actually when you’re older than 35? #SinglesDate

Your wife is meant to be the wife of your youth. So if you’re older than youth, she probably will be the wife of your adulthood. Lol #SinglesDate

Now, that may be funny, but pardon me, it is the truth#SinglesDate

Last year I told my pastor @victoratokolo, “If I know a few years back what I know now, I’d have been married a long time.” #SinglesDate

If your relationship is not heading towards marriage, you’re wasting your damn energy. Re-PURPOSE your relationship #SinglesDate

Number 3: The Strength of Your Words #SinglesDate

What you keep saying determines to a great extent how your life will turn out #SinglesDate

Science has proven that the nervous system can be controlled by the small rudder located in your mouth called tongue #SinglesDate

If you will chart a compelling course for your life, your tongue will be a major factor #SinglesDate

Do you want to maximize your youthful energy? Learn to say a ton of positive things about yourself, your circumstance, your future #SinglesDate

In line with that, I’ll like you to recite this chant with me… #SinglesDate

“I am young and I’m strong. My best life is now” #SinglesDate

It doesn’t matter what is the matter, I shall matter where it matters. #SinglesDate

God bless me. God bless (insert anything). God bless Nigeria.

Now here’s your free book: audacity2lead.com/break -frame-free-ebook-download/ It’s a book about personal effectiveness #SinglesDate

Once again, I want to say thank you to @nikeadedokun @folayemiitunu for having me here. #SinglesDate

Thank you for reading, listening or tweeting #SinglesDate This is your life, go make it count!

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