I felt a deep sense of sadness this last week before I realized that I was approaching the same age He was when He passed away.

I still feel his presence in my soul because he is now one of the many angels watching over me.
Those who we love deeply become part of us forever and Olamilekan will always be a part of me.
You lived for 27 years and out of it we were leaving under same roof for like 23 years.
I remember many of those things you did for me, but there are two distinctly act that stands out ~
When I was seeking for admission you got a job which you would be earning 18k per month and you were to resume in Lagos which is of distance to our state, Ondo. You were left with no option than to move in hoping to make Lagos a greener pasture for you.

In your third month in Lagos, you heard about Lagos State University form and called me up to come and apply. You told me the fees which was much but was willing to support with your little 18k salary. Your strong faith helped me; it encouraged me to leave Ondo for Lagos.
My leaving Ondo then has earned me a bachelor degree today (sad you didnt wait to witness the success), it has also helped me to discover my purpose, it has really shaped my career.
The second was when you called me up and told me to sit tight that you dont want me to do my masters here in Nigeria, that even though you didnt really have it in mind to further since you had BSc but you will strive to see me achieve more.
Most people can barely comprehend or understand what Ola and I experienced through most of our early childhood. Many called us twins because of the way we relate, so much understanding, before it tragically ended. You were transferred to Bauchi and later to Abuja due to the nature of your work. But the deep soul connection never really ended, till date I still know his ATM password, email password, facebook password and will sign with no significant difference with his signature. That was how close we were.
Great joy filled my spirit when in late 2011 you called me up to tell me you will be coming to Lagos to get your car hmmmm Car? I said with great surprise and so much happiness, you did come and together we went in search of it. I remember vividly how we drove home to Akure, Ondo State to surprise mum who was extremely happy to see her 26years old boy home with His car.
Abuja was one of the best states I loved to visit then as I knew it will be worth visiting with you there. I remember how we used to drive around town, how you use to encourage me that the future will be bright.

October 2012, we were already planning out your marriage to be held on March 2013. You called me up that you will be travelling to United States of America the next month (November) for shopping in preparation for your wedding.
Hmmm, just like yesterday, I still remember how joy flew within me like a river, never knew it will never come through. Few weeks later you called me up to tell me about your health, I noticed you had so much fear, like you knew it was going to result to death.
You were later diagnosed with kidney problem which finally took your life 27 October 2012.
Olamilekan, till date its still fresh in my mind, like you went on a journey and still coming back soon. I can’t still believe you are gone. I miss the way you call like three to four times and when I dont pick you will still call back after few hours to shout at me for not picking.
 I miss those times you call me to even ask me to send my daddy(you) recharge card even when you had on your phone. I miss the way you joke with mum.  December 2011 was wonderful at Akure with you, great time we had with the best comedian, dancer and singer Folagbade Family ever produced. Really wished we could dance again.
Olamilekan, mum misses you every day. I hope to have my first male child bear your name, maybe that will reduce this unending thought of you. I love you so much even in death.
As I clock same year you passed away today, I pray I do even more exploit that you have always wished for me. All you couldnt wait to do for your dearest mum, I pray God gives me the grace to do more. Your mum, brother, sister, cousin, friends, misses you.
Those who we love deeply become part of us forever and Ola still lives in many hearts including mine. But I feel the same deep loving connection with my life partner, ~ for we both wish we were twins in another lifetime and deeply love and support each other in this lifetime.

Sleep on bro, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.


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