#SinglesDate: Becoming A Better Woman Tweets By Adenike Adedokun, @NikeAdedokun


1. You are welcome to another edition of #SinglesDate online monthly seminar which involves great teaching.

2.Lord, I pray for the spirit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Anoint my hands to write and make an impart.#SinglesDate

3. I pray that the lord open your eyes of understanding to read and digest these words with indepth meanings.#SinglesDate

4. I am @NikeAdedokun, a Relationship Coach, I will quickly be sharing on "Becoming A Better Woman"#SinglesDate

5. Who is a woman and why should she get better?#SinglesDate

6. A woman is a female version of a man created as an helpmeet with a divine purpose.#SinglesDate

7. People often misunderstand the concept of the weaker vessel mentioned in the bible which pose dangers on a woman Identity.#singlesDate

8. God sees a woman the same way he sees a man so you should never feel inferior by what others think.#SinglesDate

9. From research, 90percent of women grow up with a sense of non acceptance. They feel they have to impress, oppress or prove something.#Singlesdate

10. Women needs to be freed from the idea of gender equality. You are a woman. Accept it!#Singlesdate

11. Beauty is a particular nature for women. They are more concerned about their body but that's a little part of a woman.#Singlesdate

12. I want to highlight three kinds of women.#singlesDate

13. (A) The Simple Woman : They lack understanding and flow with any trend that comes. No wisdom to make wise decisions.#SinglesDate

14. Orpah was a simple woman who was quick to go back to her gods while Ruth saw a future with her mother-in-law(Ruth 1:14-15).#SinglesDate

15. A simple woman feels sex can be used as a proof of love and half-nude dress to attract the right man.#SinglesDate

16. (B) The Strange Woman: She is walks in strange walks and mysteriously strange in pulling down a man's strength.#SinglesDate

17. They are the Delilahs and Jezebels. They sleep around for money, urge and pleasure. They live a wasted life like in Ezekiel 23:1-49.#SinglesDate

18. Some live a life with an excuse of a bad past and the hurt of betrayal. They are everywhere and can attract anyone.#SinglesDate

19. (C) The Virtuous Woman: She is also a Strong Woman. They have outlived their past and are preparing in the present for their future.#SinglesDate

20. They are favored visionary women who live with a purpose and don't wait only for men to survive.#SinglesDate

21. They understand their role in God's kingdom, home and the society. They are the Deborahs , Esthers, and Ruths of our time.#SinglesDate

22. So now you can find out where you belong and take a step to change. What kind of woman are you? What is your pride?#SinglesDate

23. A simple woman needs to seek for wisdom as she changes her steps in life. A strange woman needs counsel and divine help from God.#Singlesdate

24. A woman was created to be a helpmeet. Are you whole enough to enrich another man's life? Men don't settle for simple and strange women.#SinglesDate

25. Develop an healthy spirit with people(1peters 3:3-4). Be kind and quiet and thirst for the things of the spirit.#SinglesDate

26. Flee from the stubborn, nagging and angry nature. You can be better than that. Stop claiming rights with a man.#SinglesDate

27. The first step is through Self-Acceptance and Self discovery. You can be single with a difference.#SinglesDate

28.Rather than spend all day chatting, why not invest your money and minds on motivational and educational books and seminar.#SinglesDate

29. What would it profit you to wake up everyday, get the latest and expensive wears and hair, take a selfie and upload everyday?#SinglesDate

30. Attention seeking ladies have clouded the internet with nude pictures and selfish identity.#SinglesDate

31. Learn to take charge of your heart,home, kitchen and seek for the spirit of excellence in all things.#SinglesDate

32. You are a king's daughter not a maid or servant. You are born to rule. Possess the right qualities. You are worth more than you think.#SinglesDate

33. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The bleaching won't make you better. The surgeries for who? Men? The Real Men. Don't care. Stop deceiving yourself

34. Read books like "Beautified by @funto","The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer", "Created to be a Helpmeet by Debi Pearl", Single with a difference by Faith Oyedepo etc

35. The day you stop reading, you start dying. Keep seeking wisdom and live a beautified and royal life.#SinglesDate

36. Stay in front of the mirror and confess beautiful things to your life. Mind your company and lead the right life.#SinglesDate

37. Refuse to be idle. Do something with your hands or pursue you career or ministry.#SinglesDate

38. Guess what! Don't be deceived, no matter what, God loves you with an everlasting love. Draw nearer to Him. He can make you better.#SinglesDate

39. Be a Proverbs 31 Model. Read that chapter and learn the steps of a better woman.#SinglesDate

40. Drop your questions and contributions. Thanks for following and the retweets. I take a bow. Thanks. Stay blessed.#SinglesDate

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