Some Reasons Why You Should Be In A Relationship


Sade feels she needs to hook up with Ade because he is the richest and coolest guy on campus. Yeah! Her friends are against the idea but she feels she would be the perfect match for him and he would definitely sort her bills too, you know.
Sade did so many things to get his attention including seducing him and you know guys are not so good at controlling their urge , Lol, well maybe some can but its rare.
That\’s her reason for dating him. She wants to have her gains. She needs his money and the feeling of one of the biggest girl on campus.
Tunde thinks he is in love with Moyin. He wants her to do all his chores and also allow sex at intervals. Moyin keeps complaining that she works like a slave in his house. She even stays there (practising couple\’s life). He has an high libido and keeps asking for sex every time.\” I have aborted 5 times and all he does is settle me like a prostitute, am fed up\”,she cried.
To be frank, Moyin is at fault because she took the decision to stay at his place, am sure he didn\’t drag her with a rope and she also opened his legs for him. She could leave the pregnancy but she agreed to abort, yea, its no so easy to leave it, we know but why do it at first. There is a consequence to what we do in life and to avoid it, don\’t start it then. Many people act out of ignorance.
If Tunde needs help, he could get an house maid or get married. Why can\’t Sade go into business or get a part time job to help herself. Why can\’t Moyin leave this guy?
The truth is we basically don\’t have standards when entering a relationship, we just flow with whatever comes and we end up managing our relationship.
The purpose of a relationship is to add values to our life. To fulfil purpose. We need companionship too,so we get married. There is no point acting as a wife when he hasn\’t even met your parent.
If he or she is just taking but not giving, then its not healthy. A relationship is all about give and take. You need to give your support, time, advice, material etc.
If that relationship is not adding to you, start rethinking. Its not too late to come out. There is no point being in a relationship for 10years. Don\’t stay in an abusive relationship. Don\’t date for money, fame or power.
Be in a relationship and learn to stay faithful. Don\’t go looking for a relationship to make you secured or happy because if you loose the relationship, you would loose yourself totally.
Mind your motives, get knowledge, read wide, attend seminars, and learn to spice up your relationship. Take your time and be fully ready emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.
Think about it.

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