The Place Of Trust In A Relationship

Trust is a burning fire that keeps a relationship. It is a necessary wheel that drives into the depth of a relationship.

It is as necessary as food is to man.

What is a relationship without trust? It is dead. It is of no use.

Bolade and Tope have been in a relationship for two years. They claim to love each other so much but don\’t trust themselves a bit. They are both cute and fine couples. They are loved by many. They get jealous of anybody around themselves. Bolade is always chased by the biggest boys and men in town. She claims she handles them well but Tope feel she might be having something with them too. They seem not to trust each other at all. Tope on the other hand is a cute rich guy every girl want to end up with. He doesn\’t even need to chase them, they chase him at all times. They are both aware of the world they live in and have been trying to cope but they always end up fighting. I think if they truly live each other, they should find ways to handle such situations and be confident in each other, if not, they would keep fighting it out.

So many of us have found ourselves in a relationship where either one or the two don\’t trust each other. Trust is earned, you can\’t force anyone to trust you. If your partner doesnt trust you right now, its either because you have done somethings to prove you are trustworthy or he/she has issues with trusting people right from time.

It is not healthy to be in a relationship with someone who doesnt trust you.

Jolade has been married to Kenny for over 20years. Their problem started 5years after their marriage. Jolade was assisted by a male colleague to the market. Kenny manage to see her while she was alighting from the car at the market. He had come to do something around that area. When Jolade got home, Kenny asked who he was and she explained but kenny refuse to accept the truth she was saying. He feels there is something going on between them. For so many years, kenny never forgave her completely and it affected their mode of communication.

I kept wondering why one incident could cause so much but i still feel Jolade must have done something like that before that could question his trust for her or kenny was just full of pride about the matter.

When you claim you love someone, you need to learn to forgive countless times. You must trust your partner and accept that people can always make mistakes sometimes. If your partner keeps offending you , then keep praying for him/her to change.

Remember that God still forgives us and draw us closer day by day. Who are we not to forgive ourselves?

Are you finding it difficult to trust your partner because of one incident or the other? Why not forgive your partner and learn to move on. Love is pure and it needs a clear mind to trust.

Make a change today.

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