3 Things You Should Be Ready To Cope With While Entering A Relationship


It is not a news that we all are different. We have been through different situations and we are going through different ones presently.

You know what, am not here to talk about attitudes and bla bla talk. Let's just face the reality here. Our past, present and future play a prominent role in our relationships. There are some things you should be ready to cope with your new found love because love goes beyond just saying it, you need to act it.

Some people keep complaining about their partner, what happened to the love you shared. Love covers up so many things, don't you know that. Love no be beans o.

Like seriously, if you can't cope with these things , then you are not ready for a relationship.

1. The Past:
We all have bad and worse pasts. We know them deep down our hearts. Some have left scars on us. We have been with different people, we have done some things we don't want people to know about also. If you are going into a relationship, you need to be able to share and accept each other pasts. You don't need to hide them, they may come back to hunt you in the future and it can destroy what you have been building for years. Its very bad if a partner shares some secret with you and you end up making it a topic among your friends, why would you even do that, it simply shows a level of immaturity. Your partner's past is your secret and should be kept between the both of you. You don't need to bring it up during an argument. You don't need to use it against them. Be ready to accept it fully and leave it in the past.

2. The Present:
Yeah!!!! We have some present situations we face too. Your partner may not be financially buoyant now but things would surely change later. If you judge your partner by the present situation, you may go wrong. Some people can be rich now and poor later while some might be poor now and rich later. No matter what the situation is, you must be ready to accept his/her position. Manage and live with what you have for now. You can also help your partner to change their current position. He/she might not have the perfect shape you want, things would still change. Things falls into places at the right time. Don't be too physical. The choice is yours.

3. The Future:
We are the leaders of tomorrow,that's what our teachers keep saying o. Okay ! Back here, we are definitely going somewhere. Can you fit into your partners goals in life. Would you be a plus to his life in the future. Can you cope with his profession. If you are planning to get married to a doctor, get ready for the night and busy schedules. If you are marrying a navy, don't be surprised if he is not around for a year. If you marry a celebrity, yeah we all are, get ready for the paparazzi, rumours, fame etc. You need to consider so many things rather than complaining later on.

Whatever relationship you find yourself, ask yourself if you can fit or cope with the situation of things now or later. Don't start crying or complaining later. Sure you can fill the bucket with your tears, thanks for the handkerchief now.

Seriously, you need to consider it now. Don't go into a relationship with your heart alone dear, take your brain along with you.


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