One of the ways to become intentional in your marriage is by creating time to do the most important things.

Let us look at 3 concepts: Evaluation, Gratitude, and Prayer.

  1. Evaluation: You can create 10 mins daily or 4 times a week to do an inventory of your marriage. This can be done by sitting down to think and meditate around the happenings in your marriage. Think about the consistent patterns in your marriage. How can we better? Can I listen more? Can I show more attention to my spouse and reduce my time on work or social media? Can I help my spouse with work, business, or chores? Can I choose my words carefully when I\’m angry? These are some questions to ask yourself and you should journal down your answers so you can be intentional about them in your mind. Your mind pays attention to the words it reads.

2. Gratitude: Can you become intentional about telling your spouse the areas you are grateful for? It is possible that you have a very difficult spouse, but if you begin to focus on their good sides and show less focus on the bad sides, the good sides will expand. When you appreciate a person for their traits or skills, they have the tendency to want to repeat it. If your husband helps with the chores, settling bills, or even listens to you carefully, send a message saying thank you. As a husband, you should always show gratitude to your wife for keeping the home and the children. The little gifs you buy when coming home are a great place to start even if is little. Appreciate your spouse for everything no matter how normal it is. Sometimes I send a message to my hubby thanking him for the many expenses he had to handle in the house. gratitude can increase connection. Do this regularly.

3. Prayer: Can you create 10-15 mins daily to pray for your marriage and spouse? Can you begin to speak words of life into your children from their young age? If possible, write down confessions with scriptures for those areas your spouse needs help with and declare it daily. Create some time to pray about the things that bother you in your marriage, asking for strength, wisdom, and favor with your spouse. Ask God to intervene in some matters you can\’t resolve by yourself. A 10 mins daily investment can shift your marriage positively. It can be early in the morning or before you sleep. When you pray, remember to also keep a pure heart because if you hold on to bitterness and resentment, your prayer is a waste of time. Cast down the thoughts that are negative and rebuke the whispers of the enemy immediately.

These 3 things can help you grow in your soul and spirit. The enemy goes around looking for how to invade homes. He needs your permission through your mind, mouth, and weaknesses. Choose to please God and honor him instead. Hosting His presence is not just about having devotion in your home, it is about seeing Him in every area of your home and choosing to actively walk with Him for a greater manifestation of light.

Which of these 3 concepts will you start doing from now? Tell me in the comment and then set a reminder to help you remember.

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