7 Ways To Know A Guy Is In Love With You


This article was written by a man , so am sure he would be in the best position to know when a man is in love. Knowing a man is in love is really a big deal because they sometimes cant differentiate between when they are in love or in lust. I have some ways you can identify if a man truly loves you. Men aren't always the best at expressing our emotions. —We just don't even stop to think about them very often. It plays softly in our heads, but most of the time, we're barely listening. That's why I sympathize with any woman trying to figure out how a guy really feels. Most of the time, the guy probably doesn't even know. Sure, he was just in the emotional elevator this morning, but he was too busy trying to meet up with life challenges to notice what was coming out of the speakers. But ladies, there is hope. Because even if your guy doesn't immediately tell you how much he adores you, he's probably giving off signs that he's falling for you. Below are listed signs He is truly in love

1. He loves spending time with you:
This one is pretty obvious but important nonetheless. He look forward to seeing you, and don't care much about what the two of you will be doing. Lately, just going for a walk with him sounds like the best way you could possibly spend an evening. Furthermore, when you're not together, you miss him and wish you were spending time together.

2. He asks you for advice to simple things he probably should know but respect your opinion on it.

3. He would proudly talk of you in the presence of his family. He doesnt care what they might think but he would be ready to compliment you in their presence.

4. He would Introduce you to his friends and family: A man that really loves you would be willing to introduce you to everyone he meets.

5. He would buy you gifts often: Men love to spoil the one they love. He wouldnt mind buying you everything as long as he puts a smile on your face.

6. He would call you often, send you messages at all times. He would be romantic with you and always shower you with surprises.

7. He would be sacrificial about everything: A man who truly loves you would be willing to do anything, go anywhere just to satisfy you. He wouldnt mind travelling from Lagos to Abuja, anything worthy is what he would do.

Add yours to the list.

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