Check Out: 10 Commandments For Loving Nigerian Men

Nigerian men seem to be different in nature. They have this African seed in them. No matter how civilized he may be, there is always a traditional culture in him.
Nigerian men want so much and you need to give it to them to get their full attention.
This post is meant for the singles and married so the points varies in your status.
1. Thou shall be a good cook:
It\’s not just about eating for men. Men wants good food. They want to feel satisfied. Men love the African foods. They appreciate their nature and want you to flow with them. Men love to be pampered with food. You need to learn to be creative in the kitchen. Don\’t keep cooking two kinds of soup all through the year. Rice can be used in different forms. You can try making friedrice, Jollofrice, Coconut rice etc. Beans can also be made into Akara, Moi-Moi, Rice and Beans etc. Get creative with your hands. If you don\’t know how to cook, its better you get someone to teach you. A woman is meant to give meat to her household. Its very possible that you have maids but some men always want their wives to make their dishes. We should train ourselves to become like the Proverbs 31 WOMAN.
Proverbs31:15 says \” (NKJV)Proverbs 31:15 She also rises while it is yet night, And provides food for her household, And a portion for her maidservants.\”
Even if your parents never allowed you into the kitchen, sneak in somedays and learn. Stop creating an artificial excuse for yourself.
2. Thou shall respect him:
Men loves to be respected. They lead their home. They want to be seen as the leader. Nigerian men believes in the traditional culture of them being thw superior. Like it or not, you need to appreciate their masculine strength. Show admiration to his success, achievements and glory. Stop trying to be the head in his place. Even if you are more intelligent, and richer, you should still submit to him as the head. It doesn\’t mean your voice won\’t be heard but make it heard and respected by earning his attention.
3. Thou shalll not cheat:
Nigerian men despise ladies who flirt around. They want you to be 100% faithful to them. They can\’t share their wives with no other man. They make it a big deal. The moment they notice your waywardness, they would begin to loose interest. So watch your steps. His friends could be watching you. Stay loyal.
4. Thou shall be a God fearing woman:
Men love it when they have a woman that believes in God and his existence. They don\’t necessary want you to be too religious but you should have some nice qualities of a Christian woman. Be faithful to His service. Be prayerful and he would want to cuddle in the arms of such woman.
5. Thou shall love his family:
If you are loving him, you should also love his family too. Take his family like yours. Appreciate his mother. Care for his siblings. Be a woman about it please. Let go of your stubborn nature. Nigerian men want you to respect hia family especially of they have welcomed you into their home with Joy. Stop praying for the death of your mother-in-law because you will join the rank soon. Stop trying to show your power. Humility speaks well.
6. Thou shall be Intelligent:
What\’s the point of beauty without brain? Nigerian men are proud of ladies with the both quality in check. Thou shall be beautiful and brainy. Be smart. Bring up ideas that can save his business and life. Thou shall contribute to his welfare. Be smart in making decisions. Be quick about things. Men don\’t like slow actions.
7. Thou shall be hardworking:
Proverbs 31 is a perfect example of a Virtuous Woman. You can confirm all this acts from there. Men love women that are hardworking. He can spend on you but you should surely prove to him that you are capable of providing for yourself in little ways. Get a job or a skill. Go into business or follow your ministry line but do something to keep you busy. Some men don\’t want their wives working but you can venture into a business that won\’t take much of your time.
8. Thou shall give him space:
Men love to be respected in terms of privacy. We all need our privacy and it should be respected. Men want some spare time for his work, friends, football and social events. He doesn\’t want you clinging all around him all time. Let him even feel and miss your absence. No stalking around. No petting him around. No controlling his time. Just respect his free space and he will spare more for you.
9. Thou shall not be lazy:
No one wants to be around a lazy person. You should be ready to do any necessary active chores. Some ladies are practically lazy. They pay people to do everything for them. Money can send people on errands and you may decide to use money for that but nothing stops you from exercising your abilities sometimes. Someone might be taking note.
10. Thou shall be an amazing sex partner:
This is restricted to the married. You don\’t need to be a log of wood. He shouldn\’t be the only one pressing buttons. Learn to be creative. Turn him on in an amazing way and he would always run back home after work.*winks*. Use romantic messages, perfumes, sexy wears, candles nights, wine, dinner with nice cool music sending sensation into the body. Okay, let me pause here.(Strictly for the married though).
I would love to see your contribution. Will write on Nigerian women soon.
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