Discover Your Path to Lasting Love: Introducing 'Premarital Compatibility Checklist.'

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a lifetime of happiness and harmony with your partner?


By now, you should know that the decision to marry is one of life’s most significant commitments which must be built on a rock solid foundation of compatibility.



Away from preparing for the celebration of your marriage and other related affairs, taking the time to ensure a deep emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection with your partner is essential for a union that can withstand inevitable marital storms.



Amid the noise and chaos of this dispensation where the marriage institution has become endangered, the ‘Premarital Compatibility Checklist’ offers you a comprehensive guide to navigating through the conversations that must be had between engaged couples to build a resilient foundation that can weather the tests of time.

Marriage is designed by God to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Unfortunately, many people pay attention to the wedding preparation and neglect the marriage itself. For every couple who is looking forward to having a thriving marriage, devoid of regrets and "had I known", I recommend this Premarital Checklist.

What You Will Gain From This Book

Short, Precise & Educative

Get practical and thought-provoking clarity from this 30 page eBook that provides the tools you need to assess your alignment now.

Expert Guidance

With my over 10 years of experience, this book provides valuable wisdom on how to navigate potential challenges before they arise.

Conversation starters

Find questions that you can discuss with your partner to enlighten you on how well you align and connect with each other.

As I read and worked on this book, the Holy Spirit reminded about the thorough, and sometimes costly, due diligence individuals undertake before purchasing a property, to ensure they don't lose their hard-earned money to buying a property with a faulty title. It's surprising that when it comes to a human life, which holds more value than property, people handle the fundamental preparation for the sustenance of marriage in a wishy-washy manner. The result of this careless attitude is evident in the high rates of divorce, separation, and disappointed spouses. Dear singles and engaged couples, I earnestly beg you, especially if you have identified God's purpose for your destiny, to let this book be the compass that guides you through the essential elements you must consider before making the final decision to settle with anyone in marriage. Your life is a magnificent treasure in God's hands; let the Holy Spirit use this book to help you ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Don't just stop preparing for marriage with this book; take a further step by signing up Pre-marital counselling.
Omobolanle Alade
Legal Practitioner

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Don’t leave your relationship to chance. Whether you’re newly engaged, considering marriage, or simply want to ensure a strong foundation for your partnership, the ‘Premarital Compatibility Checklist’ is your definitive guide.

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This less than 30 page eBook is designed to help you assess your relationship now.