Few Tips On How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships is between two people who have agreed to build a relationship non withstanding the distance between them.
Distance refers to a stretch in location like the guy is in Abuja while the lady is in port-harcourt. It works but it depends on the two of you. Most people don\’t even know how to handle a close relationship to talk of distanced. Sincerity, Loyalty, Trust, Understanding , Good communication and more can really help you both. The effort must be from both sides not just one person doing it all.
True love is not just about falling but staying healthy in it. If you want that relationship to work, do something about working it out.
You need to understand each other very well, know your wants,desires,likes and dislikes to avoid too much misunderstandings. You need to understand the job and time schedules to avoid arguments on calling rates. You need to know how busy he or she is. You need trust, it can’t survive without trust even a close relationship need trust to work. You shouldn’t suspect your partner at all times. There should be room for explanation since you can’t run down to his or her house to explain matters. From the explanation,you can deduce the truth from it. A relationship without trust is dead.
You need to know your future plans so that you don’t tend to waste your time. Is it heading to marriage or not? Let the both parents be aware. Make sure God is backing you up too so that you don’t waste your time in the relationship. Talk about your future plans together and work towards it.
There should be effective communication between the both of you,spend time talking more since that’s the only connection you have. Spare minutes to talk and iron issues out well. Out of no time, always create time to see each other at least 2 to 3 times a month depending on the job or school schedule. Either as a student or a working class,you should create time to visit each other. It should be on the both sides not just one person doing it all. Share pictures and videos of your self and some activities.
Avoid being too close with the opposite sex at the absence of your partner. Don\’t do what your partner won\’t like. Handle advances well and don\’t let it disrupt your relationship.
There should be exchange of gifts at most visit just to show love. The guys should always be at his responsibility at all times( spiritually, financially , emotionally and all areas) . Ladies should learn to give to their partners too. Men loves gift too. Its not just about taking but giving too.
Always tell your partner you love him or her when you talk or through sms and mails. Express your love at all times. Silence won\’t help. If you don\’t let it out, your partner can\’t read your mind . Women love to hear the affirmation of the love over and over again. Its important to keep the bond tight.
Encourage each other in pursuing your dreams. Share ideas that can each other grow. Do spiritual exercises together. You can study the bible and share your mediations experience. Pray together. Foster the friendship ties.
Always evaluate your relationship to see if there is anything wrong for corrections. Be there for each other and am sure with all these you can have an healthy distance relationship. Are you having a distance relationship? Evaluate it now. Are you doing the listed things? Start working on it now.

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