Reasons Why Guys Are Less Committed In A Relationship


This has become a common phase for relationships. Guys mostly fade out of relationships. No issue of being partial here. It is just true.
I always have to counsel ladies who after few months into their relationships, the guys begin to misbehave or change totally.
Lola says: \”Just few months into the relationship, he doesn\’t even care about me anymore. Not even greetings.\”
Chika says;\”I think its better to let go now because he is becoming too busy just after 6months of our relationships. He has always found a way out before. Now he doesn\’t care anymore.\”
Feyi thinks \” I have said so much. I have gone out on dates with him just to talk sense into him but he isnt changing. It is just 8months for crying out loud\”.
Must guys date every lady they see?
Most guys enjoy the chase for a lady. When they pick interest in you, all they need to do is to chase you. Men have this ego in them. Thet feel they can get anything they want so it has become a culture to see men chase after ladies they like. When a woman proves hard to get, they come up with a better strategy. They don\’t want to feel like a loser. They never want to be defeated.
The beauty of the whole game is the chase but the minute they are able to impress a lady and get her attention. The rate of the chase begins to drop. Whats more to it?. They begin to have the feeling that they have arrived. They have gotten it all.
Some men don\’t care if its lust, infatuation or love they feel. All they know is they must get that woman. If its happens to be lust, the minute she spreads her leg after the first date, thats the end of their effort. Whats there to loose?
If its real love, a man tries making his woman happy at all times. Even when he is so busy, he would still create a minute out for her and shower her with his undying love.
So my point is this, Men feel the joy in the chase but after they have won her heart, they begin to relent. They see no reason to put more effort. They pass the ball to her to continue the chase to keep him interested. So if you discover that your man hasn\’t been putting effort some months after your acceptance, you had better start inveatigating why.
It could either be because its not true love or because there was nothing else for you to offer him. Most men feel that a lady can be so unique in her ways, they feel she has more to offer but the moment they notice her beauty stops at the outward appearance, they would start loosing interest.
So these means, they could either relent because of their selfish motives or because you have nothig new and different to offer them. Thats why its better you realise that friendship is more cool than dating everyone you meet. It opens your eyes to areas you should notice. You get to know if its okay to continue or not. There is an opportunity for compatability test.
Though some men are just fond of relenting after the \”YES\”, its not good enough. You need to keep up with the chase. If you want your relationship to last, then it requires both effort. Don\’t think you can chase first and then leave her to continue.
Men should also learn to be contented. Stop trying to test every lady out there. There are precious beauties out there but they are not all meant for you. Some are just made up of make-ups and artificial wares(facial beauties) to decorate the world. Learn to appreciate who you have and make things work. If she isn\’t doing somethings right, teach her. Stop jumping from one lady to the other.
I know someone will think, why is it all about the men, well this post is to correct lack of commitment among men in relationships.
May God help us all.
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