How Much Do You Know YOU?: Me, Myself And I

How much do you know yourself?


How much capability do you have?


A lot of people like using the phrase; Me, myself and I but a few really understand it.

Most people are fond of using lyrics or slogans from song or movies without understanding the motive or effect behind it.


Me, Myself and I refers to your personality as a whole. It embodies your real self in all. It includes how you view yourself, value yourself, develop yourself and define yourself.
Most people do not really know themselves and they have little knowledge on their abilities, weakness, strength et al\’.

If you are going to understand yourself, you would have to understand where you are coming from , where you are now and where you are going.

Let\’s start with Self Evaluation.
We mostly think we know ourselves but we are so wrong, that\’s why we live fake lives.

I would be using two approaches in understanding our personality.
The first is the \”Map Model\” and the second is \”SWOT\” Model.

Let\’s start with the second model called SWOT.


It is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats.

There are so many approaches we were taught in schools for business purposes but can be used in our personal lives too.
Have you ever considered what your strengths are?
Most of us ponder more on our weaknesses, that\’s why we are mostly depressed and end up living another man\’s life.
We should always focus more on our strengths till our weakness fades off, either by improving or managing it.

Self Task:

Write 5 great things you like about yourself in your diary and admire yourself every morning.

It might look unrealistic but it works. There is power in self knowing and appraisal.

What differentiates Asa from Tiwa Savage?

They are both singers but with different styles and they are both good in their style but imagine Asa getting jealous of the industry and singing like Tiwa Savage.

Won\’t you notice the change?

Now, imagine Celine Dion or Beyonce trying to sing like Missy Elliot or Micheal Jackson. There would be a lost identity in between.

Our strengths are what makes us unique. Our style, voice, talents, temperament, love languages et al\’

Let me give an example. I love to speak than write. That is a strength.

It doesn\’t mean I can\’t write well but I love to speak more.

Some people grew up with a love for tech as a passion than others hence they go for engineering.

So many of us studied something different from our passion field.
Imagine a father asking his son to study Medicine for prestige sake when he actually loves creative arts.
So many of us have become different identities as a result of choices.

It\’s never too late. Look down and discover what you love and how to build on it.
Your career could be different from your passion.Your passion could be different from your purpose, identifying all these can make you stand out in life.

Your strengths is your Unique Selling Point maybe your singing, helping people, art, tech, health etc. Find out what can make you stand out and appreciate it daily.


Your purpose is your God given mandate. Your contribution to the world. Your strengths are your positive qualities like beauty, creativity, etc that can assit your purpose too.
Passion is what you love doing What you have flair for.

I love helping people but I would also need to know my purpose so I can actively put my passion in there.
You can have passion for writing, singing and drawing. In as much as you can do all which are your strengths, if your purpose is to be a song minister all over the world, you would need your passion to be determined at it.


Moving to weakness. Our weakness can be found more in our disabilities and temperament.

Maybe you don\’t know how to sing but you can write, don\’t kill yourself trying to sing, be the best writer ever.

You need to know your weakness so you can either develop on it or manage it.

If you don\’t know how to draw, it\’s not a must to learn it. Focus on your strengths.

If your weakness is anger, then you need to work on it.
Do you see the difference?

What are your opportunities?

How can your strengths help your opportunities?

Your opportunities could be with the students, some organisation ,some married couples etc. Asa songs can go for any class but some singers sing majorly for the youths.
Discover your strengths and position yourself well but work on your weakness so it doesn\’t pull you down.

So what are your threats?

We all know that personal development is needed daily so if we refuse to develop in our area of strength, we could run into threats.

Kunle Afolayan had to think of how to surpass other producers so he went for more learning, more technology and the likes.

Find out the threats that can limit you and work on that challenge.

Down to Self Awareness and Self Talk.

How many of us listen to ourselves?

You hear things like \”I can\’t make it. I\’m not good enough. I am a failure. You are not good looking, that\’s why she ignored you. She is more beautiful, that\’s why they love her more. No one likes me\”. These are negative mind languages.

Can you see it?

\”I can get that job. I am confident. I can do it. I have the control over this situation.\”. These are positive languages.

In every situation, always listen to your mind language and respond positively.
Do we understand?

You are what you think you are.

Now when you are aware of yourself, it becomes possible to do the self talk.

The Self Talk is a way of saying positive affirmation to yourselves.

Your mind receives whatever you give in. When you are sad and you jeer your self up. Your mind receives and react positively.

If you must conquer your world, you must first learn to control your mind. Hence, mastering your emotions.

Stop looking down on yourself.

Master your identity and become better. Sign up for seminars, free or paid. Don\’t invest in your body and stomach alone if you must rule your world.
As a leader that you are born to be, if you don\’t understand your identity, you cannot go far because people would be in charge of your life

We would treat the map model on the next post. Has this post been helpful? Do you have more examples? Please give me a feedback.

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