The Battle That Lies In Your Mind

One of the challenge every man has is learning to subject the mind in the right direction.

\”If you can control your mind, you can conquer your world\”.

The mind is a battlefield and a lot of distractions, thoughts, scenes, images, memories et al keep fighting for a bit of attention.

Most people are limited by their thoughts, they have filled it with baggages from the past, dustbins of the present and heartaches of the future.

Can you gain control over your mind?

We have to learn how to master our emotions and live beyond our feelings.

Consequently, I would be sharing personal tips and practical steps on how to gain mastery of your emotions.

\”You can\’t stop the birds from flying but you can stop it from perching on your head\”.

So many times we spend more hours thinking of the past, our mistakes, hurts and betrayals and forget to forge ahead to a brighter future.

Everyone has a story but in different forms. Don\’t assume you went through the worst phase in life, there are people better and worse than you.

It is normal for us to be taken far back to events but you determine it\’s effects on you.

You can\’t afford to brood on the past all your life when there are greener days ahead. It all depends on how well you can tame the feelings.

Let\’s cite an illustration:


An event of the past comes knocking on your door maybe an occurrence of rape, betrayal, neglect, abuse or mistake. You could be triggered by a song, picture, discussion or scene.


You can either choose to let it damp your mood or brighten your day. You can choose to encourage another person based on your experience instead of brooding. You can interprete as a tool for a moody day or decide on a positive approach to it.

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