Late last year, I travelled to an eastern state for a speaking engagement with a friend. After the programme, we headed to the hotel where we would spend the night. We had earlier bargained with the cab man that we would pay a particular fee but on getting there, he argued that we didn\’t hear him well and the main fee was higher than the payment made.

I bursted out angrily…..

\”You must be kidding me\”.

I got so angry that I almost yelled at him all through the argument and it also damped my mood.

After the whole scenario, my friend cautioned me, \”You shouldn\’t have reacted that way, sometimes you need to understand that some people have their way of reacting to issues based on their understanding. Instead of shouting at him, you could have just replied calmly and ended the issue a long time ago\”.

I wondered if she understood how I felt but I learnt one lesson.

A lot of people behave based on their own understanding which is shaped by their upbringing, environment and experiences.

Rather than shouting, we should be quick to observe, act polite and be more matured in our dealings.

Emotional intelligence is not restricted to mastering our emotions but also understanding why others behave the way they do.

We should not be reactive based on how people make us feel but be proactive based on our values and understanding but…..

Hold on!

How much do you know?

Power point: Have you been finding it difficult to react calmly with people based on how they made you feel? Cultivate the habit of giving a positive response.

We can choose to be angry, happy or sad, it lies in our hands.

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  1. So true! Rarely do we think in the heat of the moment. The way we were brought up shapes our way of thinking, believing everyone else should behave the way we do. This kind of thinking will always have us frustrated. Thank you for writing this blog

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